Interested in the history of UK Outdoor Gear?

Interested in the history of outdoor gear?
The Rohantime Gallery contains a collection of early Rohan Catalogues
Below are just a selection, one click on each image will take you to that catalogue.

Quick link to all the albums


Rohan 1982 Catalogue
Rohan Catalogue 1982

TQQ Autumn 1986
TQQ Autumn 1986

Rohan Workshop Manual1983

Rohan Workshop Manual– A A

Rohan Catalogue 1975


Rohan 1975/6 catalogue –

A treasured and rare item.

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Rohan Heritage

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  1. Jan Aniskowicz says:

    I bought my first bags at Long Preston when I worked in Settle ( which I still wear, but they”re too dishevelled to be seen in public though -the riri zips still all work).
    I’ve got lots of sent flyers and sale catalogues from 1992- 2007, would these be any use for historical purposes- before I throw them away?

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