THE BUXTON Adventure Festival September – December  2017 

Dean Downing

THE BUXTON Adventure Festival September – December  2017. 

11th October – Boardman Tasker Night will celebrate the lives and achievements of British mountaineers and authors Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker. There will be readings from their seminal works by Martin Wragg and Steve Dean followed by adventure talks from Boardman Tasker Award winners Andy Cave and Stephen Venables.

 1st November – The Adventure Syndicate with Lee Craigie and Emily Chappell telling stories of their cycling competitions and expeditions. Lee is a former Commonwealth Games, World and European Championships athlete, as well as adventure cyclist and Cycletherapy founder. Emily is a former cycle courier turned author who has crossed the world on two wheels in a series of inspiring expeditions.

6th December – Nicky Spinks, legendary hill runner will provide a personal perspective on her career, progressing from the Dewsbury 10km in 2000 to setting the Double Bob Graham record in celebration of beating cancer 10 years earlier.

“We are also already planning ahead for 2018, so if there are any adventurers out there keen to share their extraordinary stories, please get in touch. We hope to see you in Buxton at the next talk.” BAF Director Matt Heason said.

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