Rohan Trentham at The Trentham Shopping Village

Welcome to Rohan Trentham from Manager IanDeputy Manager Leslie, Richard, Tricia and Matt

Shop Phone Number: 01782 644935

Shop Opening Times:

Monday 10:00-17:00
Tuesday 10:00-17:00
Wednesday 10:00-17:00
Thursday 10:00-17:00
Friday 10:00-17:00
Saturday 10:00-17:00
Sunday 10:00-17:00

Shop Address: Trentham Shopping Village, Unit 30, Stone Road, Trentham Stoke on Trent. ST4 8AX

Trentham Stores are chalet style building, set as a Shopping Village, with a large and exquisite garden centre. The site has Italian gardens and lake. The Rohan Shop opened in August 2008.

Directions to store - Car from the North M6 Junction 15 Take A34 South signposted Trentham Gardens. Car from the South M6 Junction 15 Take A34 South. Public Transport.From the North to Stoke Train Station, 101 bus Stafford. From the South as above.
Free Car facilities, bay E is adjacent to the Rohan shop

Staff Recommendations - There is Cadwalders across from the shop, but the best place to get a bite to eat is Pieminister down the walkway from us. They do excellent pies and meals to go with them, very unique and the staff there are really nice. There is also an old sweet shop on site which do all the retro sweets which everyone young and old will remember. Good local pubs include the Spotgate Inn, where you can eat in authentic train carriages, The Winking Man in Leek, a great pub to sit, chill out and enjoy the Staffordshire Moorlands, also has one of the best rock nights in Staffordshire.

Local Knowledge - Premier Inn on site, Wedgewood Visitors Centre close by. There is the Trentham lake walk entrance right next to us which also has boat trips on the lake. There is also a Monkey Forest near by on the estate which is great for young children, you get to walk through the forest with monkeys running round you. Trentham Gardens itself which has many shops and restaurants and even a hot air balloon. The Roaches, great for people into climbing or absailing.Tittersworth resevoir a fun packed family day out that is also educational. Wetley Rocks for all those budding walkers. Biddulph Grange, a historic gem that has one of the finest Gardens in Staffordshire.

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Gift Your Gear


  1. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    It’s a lovely day again at Trentham and here at Rohan we have the perfect clothing for those of you wanting to walk around the lake or Italian gardens.

    Of course we have the Gift Your Gear promotion on this month, entitling you to a 15% reduction off purchases when you donate a piece of usable clothing (excluding underwear, T-shirts and shoes). These will be passed on to charities and youth groups in need of outdoor clothing.

    So for all your outdoor clothing come and visit Rohan Trentham!

  2. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    It’s a lovely morning here at Trentham and here at Rohan the Gift Your Gear promotion is well underway. For those of you who don’t know, this is your chance to donate some of your old clothes and we’ll give you a discount of 15% off any item from the new range (Rohan products only).

    So why not sort out some of your clothes and visit us at Rohan Trentham!

  3. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    The Winters End Sale is well underway here at Trentham, with up to 40% off selected items. So if you’ve seen the fabulous Nightfall Jackets and Downtown Coats for ladies for example but not taken the plunge, why not make the most of the amazing discount and treat yourself now!

    While you’re here you could also treat yourself to something from our new summer lines for men and women. Our staff will be ready and willing to help and where necessary recommend something for your wardrobe. So come on down to Rohan Trentham for all your outdoor needs!

  4. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday saw the start of the Winters End Sale here at Rohan Trentham and we’re excited to offer our amazing insulated garments at a reduced price.

    We have many more garments in store including the new ranges that are arriving daily, so why not pop on down to Rohan Trentham for a bargain and to rejuvenate your summer wardrobe!

  5. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    Here at Trentham we’re continually excited by the awesome new range of garments in store and arriving daily. Because of this, we would like to show them off and in the window currently, we have the new Elite Jacket for men and the Escapist Jacket for women. Of course there are plenty more garments to choose from, so why not pop in and see us at Rohan Trentham.

  6. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    It’s an overcast day here at Trentham so far, but don’t let that put you off coming for a walk around the lake or indeed the italian gardens. You could even pop into Rohan to see myself (Rich) or Les where we’ll help you choose the outfit you desire for walking around the gardens, lake or for that all important summer holiday!

  7. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    Here at Rohan we’re very excited as the new summer lines are arriving into store. We have an array of garments for both men and women that just can’t wait to be put in your suite case, overnight bag or just added to your wardrobe.

    We at Rohan Trentham Gardens can’t wait to help you achieve the perfect collection for the spring/summer, so come and see us now!

  8. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    Here at Rohan, Trentham Gardens, we have new lines now in store. So for the walkers, travellers or those of you who just like to wear fashionable, yet practical everyday clothes, don’t hesitate to visit us. We’ll help you choose the right outfit for your needs!

  9. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    Well it’s really sunny here at Trentham, and a bit cold. It’s the perfect weather for a nice walk around the Italian Gardens or around the lake. If you like the sound of this or just fancy a trip to Trentham, why not call in to Rohan whilst you’re here for some warm clothing or even choose from our new range of summer garments that we now have in store!

  10. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi Everyone,

    Well the weather here at Trentham really doesn’t know what it’s doing. We’ve had snow, rain and bright sunshine within the space of an hour! Luckily here at Rohan Trentham we have an array of outdoor clothing to suit every climate and weather condition, so for those of you who’ve been caught out by the recent snow and rain we’ve been having, don’t hesitate to come and see us at Rohan Trentham.

  11. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi Everyone,

    Here at Rohan Trentham we’re very excited, as we now have the new Summer lines in store. We have an array of exciting new colours of some items including the Sanctuary shirt for ladies as well as new products like the Verona Jacket, very smart, yet casual at the same time.

    For the gents, there are new colours in existing items such as the Microrib Jumper and new base layers like the Progress Polo and the Stria Polo. We have many more exciting new items than mentioned above, so why not come down to Rohan Trentham for your new Summer essentials or in preparation for that all important Summer holiday!

  12. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday saw the start of the final reductions here at Rohan Trentham with many bargains to be had until Sunday 25th. We have also now got some of the new summer lines in store, so if you’re thinking of planning your summer holiday, why not come down to Rohan at Trentham for your summer essentials and that last minute bargain!

  13. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi Everyone,

    With all the cold weather we’re experiencing at the moment, we have the solution here at Rohan Trentham. We have a wide range of weather proof clothing to suit every need and would be only too happy to help you choose the right garments to banish those winter blues! As an added incentive many of these garments are included in our sale!

  14. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi Everyone,

    It’s coming to the end of our winter sale tomorrow and here at Rohan Trentham there are still bargains to be had. We also have new items in store and new colours of existing products.

    So why not come to Rohan Trentham for a last minute bargain or splash out on some of our new lines!

  15. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    We currently have our winter sale on with discounts of up to a massive 40% off selected items. We also have 12% off full price items across the range until the 6th January 2015.

    So why not come down to Rohan Trentham and take advantage of the savings while stocks last!

    Finally, we would like to wish all of our customers new and old a very Happy New Year.

  16. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi Everyone,

    Here at Rohan Trentham we would just like to wish all of our new and existing customers a merry Christmas for tomorrow and remind you all that our sale starts on the 27th. So why not come and take advantage of the bargains!

  17. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi Everyone,

    It’s only seven days until Christmas and here at Rohan Trentham we’ve got the perfect present for your loved ones or indeed yourselves!

    We have a wide array of items for you to browse through and we are always on hand for any advice that you may require.

    So why not come and see us at Trentham, join the festive cheer and find that all important perfect present.

  18. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    We’re fast approaching the Christmas break and here at Trentham we have the perfect outdoor clothing for this cold snap that we’re experiencing. As you walk through our doors, our mannequins are currently sporting a waterproof and windproof Mountain Leader Jacket and waterproof Dry Requisite trousers for men, accompanied by the very warm Icepack Jacket and Sentinel Shirt as a base layer. He is finished off with the Braemar hat, scarf and gloves and is wearing a pair of Brasher Country Traveller GTX boots.

    For the ladies, our mannequin is wearing a pair of Striders trousers, an Essence T base layer, followed by one of our warm Pathway Cardigans and our exceptionally warm Downtown Coat for these cold winter nights. She is finished off with Ecco Trace Siberia boots, Colonsay hat and Iona scarf.

    Of course this is only an example of what can be achieved with our clothes. We have a far more to choose from within our store, so don’t hesitate to call in to replenish your walking clothes or clothing for everyday use.

  19. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    In the approach to Christmas, why not prepare for the upcoming cold spell and come down to Rohan Trentham where we have all the waterproof and insulated clothing that you’ll require.

    For example, we have the Nightfall Jacket for men and women which will keep you warm on these cold winter nights we’re experiencing. Speaking of cold winter nights, we’re having a late night opening tonight and every Wednesday night until Christmas.

    So for your Christmas presents and winter essentials, visit Rohan Trentham!

  20. Richard - Retail Assistant Trentham says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everybody,

    With Christmas fast approaching, the lights have been switched on, Santa is in his grotto at weekends and the ice rink is up and running here at Trentham. With this in mind, why not come down to Rohan for your winter clothes and accessories, where you’ll find a large selection of waterproof and insulated clothing.

    So to avoid disapointment, come to Rohan at the Trentham Estate soon!

  21. Richard - Retail Assistant Trentham says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everybody,

    We’re fast approaching the end of our winter warmer sale. So, to take advantage of the bargains in-store, head down to Trentham where you can find 20% off selected items while stocks last.

    Also, some you lucky ladies and gentleman may have received a £10 off voucher, which is redeemable in-store with purchases over £20. So why not spread the festive cheer at Rohan Trentham!

  22. Richard - Retail Assistant Trentham says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick reminder that we have our winter warmer sale now on!

    We have 20% off selected items, but we’re selling them fast, so if you want a bargain, hurry on down to Trentham!

  23. Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone, with Christmas fast approaching, I would like to let all of our new and existing customers know that the 20th November marks the start of our fantastic winter warmer promotion. We will have 20% off selected items throughout the store, mince pies and a warm friendly welcome! So we will look forward to Sharing the mince pies…if there are any left!!

  24. Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone, I’m back at Trentham to help new and existing customers with their enquiries. We currently have a wide selection of clothing for your outdoor needs, including winter weight trousers,winter coats and insulating clothing.

    Santa also arrives today at 11.00am on a fire engine! You can learn how to decorate your christmas trees at the Garden Centre on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th.

  25. Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Winter is just around the corner, it is I assure you, despite the uncharacteristic warmth we are experiencing. As we all know the British weather can be a fickle mistress. So don’t get caught unawares. We now have a full compliment of winter warmers to entice you and guard you from the cold. So why not pay us a visit and see what we have to keep Jack Frost at bay.

  26. Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Our midseason sale has began, why not get yourself a treat and buy yourself some fantasticly designed clothes, with brilliant built in technology to suit all weathers. Don’t forget Christmas is coming up, so why not treat a loved one to one of our items too.

    Hurry, while stocks last, and remember the sale ends on the 26th October.

  27. Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    The sun may still be bright, but there is certainly a snap of cold in the air. Before we know it the snow of winter will be painting our landscape white. So why not stave off Jack Frosts chill grasp and come and peruse our Autumn and Winter range, there is plenty to keep you warm over the chilly months.

  28. Liz, Sales Assistant says:

    Friday 26 September see our Mamillan Coffee Morning from 10a.m.-2p.m.
    Tricia and I have been busy baking! She’s made chocolate cornflake cakes and chocolate brownies, whilst I’ve done fruit flapjacks, orange choc drop cakes with orange glace icing, lemon cakes, half with a dab of lemon curd as topping and half with lemon glace icing, and vanilla cakes with vanilla glace fudge icing.

    So we’re hoping to see lots of customers on Friday, who can also take a look at our new autumn/winter stock, such as the Downtown coats and vests, Sentinel and Wayfarer men’s shirts and Pathway and Stria women’s tops.

    • Are there any left Liz? They sound absolutely scrumptious. I bet you’re really amazing at baking.

  29. Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi, I’m new to the Trentham staff this week and getting to grips with Rohan ways of work. There’s been a steady trickle of Gift Your Gear items, including a delightful Tilley hat.

    Passing our front door today, was a large wedding party, all dressed in colour-co-ordinated white, bold blue and green clothes, heading to have photos taken among the lovely autumn shades of Trentham Gardens.

    Flying off the racks are quilted jackets and base layers, so our customers are definitely thinking ahead of the balmy September weather we’re experiencing.

    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  30. Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.
    The weather looks like its taking a turn for the worst so why don’t you come in and get one of our lightweight coats and why not donate your unwanted outdoor clothing to Gift Your Gear during the month of September, that’s all outdoor clothing, rucksacks and includes children’s clothing regardless of brand and receive 15% off any full price purchase made on the same day. Offer ends 30th September 2014.

    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  31. Dont forget Gift Your Gear is on until the end of the month, why not donate your unwanted outdoor clothing that’s all outdoor clothing, rucksacks and includes children’s clothing regardless of brand and receive 15% off any full price purchase made on the same day, so why not pop in and say hi.

    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  32. Trentham Gardens starting from next week the 5th of July hold Summer Concerts on a Saturday Evening.

    Sat 5th : Queen Tribute

    Sat 12th: Tribute to Abba and the Be Gees

    Sat 19th: Takethat Experience

    Sat 26th : Back to the 80s

    Sat 2nd Aug: Motown / Vogue

    If any of these take your fancy then tickets can be purschased at the entrance to the Gardens next to our Shop.

    Dont forget we sell some fantastic items to keep the chill or the bugs off while listning to the Great Acts above, the microgrids will keep the chill off then we have the bug protection trousers and shirts the Little Flies dont like these!!

  33. Another bright and Sunny day here in Trentham, why not pop in and say hi we have a good selection of shorts and T-shirts in for Gents and for us ladies we have some pacer capris in store with some essence t-shirts.

    Looking forward in seeing you!

  34. Well its all going on down at the Trentham today. In celebration of fathers day the Gardens are hosting an automotive show. But that’s not all, there are some special guests wandering around the estate today, in the form of a family of friendly gorillas. So why not pay us a visit and enjoy the festivities.

  35. The weathers finally picked up, (wouldn’t get too excited!) So there’s every reason to get out, buy the cool summer range and make the most of the good weather.

    We still have plenty of waterproofs in stock for those British weather moments (you’ve probably guessed it?) and also a large selection of walking trousers for those who climb the mountains (don’t fall!) and those who enjoy a nice view in the lakes (who’s the fishman?).

    Either way, the message is clear… Make the most of the British weather with Rohan!

  36. It is dull and dreary outside, so why not bring some sunshine into your life and grab yourself a bargain in our summer essentials promotion. But be quick and avoid missing out as the promotion ends at the close of sale tomorrow.

  37. Well its a mixed bag of weather today but on the positive side of life we have 20% off Summer Essentials event in store until the 8th of June.
    WE have 20% off selected Womans Trousers, T-shirt and Gents have 20% off Short Sleeve shirts and selected shorts.

    Why not brave the weather and pick up a little ray of sunshine in store.

  38. Trentham staff are a bit confused with regards to the weather, walking in this morning I was wearing sunglasses half an hour into my walk my atlas jacket was on and it was raining cats and dogs !!.
    The sun has re-appeared again and people now have shorts and t-shirts on and eating ice cream.

    If you havent been into store recently we do have some ladies and Gents shorts in store, I personally love the crossover shorts they go nice with my Azela progress polo.
    Then for the gents out there I think the Fusion shorts with the Stria polo or even the progress T.

    Why not pop into store and have a look.

    See you all soon

  39. What a beautiful day here in Trentham village, why not have a spontaneous day out in the gardens or grab a nice ice cream?
    If your feeling a bit too hot in your T,shirt, why not try our Aura Shirt, with dynamic moisture control SPF40 ad anti odour your guaranteed to look good and stay cool all day. Or for the ladies we have the sanctuary short, perfect for a hot day like this and is built with a bite guard to keep away those pesky insects.

  40. When I woke up this morning the sun was shining and the birds were singing. What a perfect morning to walk into work I thought and a perfect day to try out my new Action Bags. What instantly struck me was how light the action bags were, my 4 mile walk into work seemed to fly by. I highly recommend these trousers to any avid walker, they really are that good.

  41. Midseason Sale is now a distant memory and the Kick into summer is now in full swing !!

    Did you know Trentham Estate is 10 year old this year?

    The Estate are organising special Anniversary Garden Tours, tickets to this are £10.00 including Garden Entry next special tour is on the 9th of May please see garden staff for details.

    If you decide to have a wander round the lakes and Gardens thanks to the mixed weather I would suggest an Atlas Jacket they are available for Ladies and Gents, or how about a nice new pair of Walking shoes for Ladies Iam personally loving the Ecco Biom Lites Mary Janes they go fab with crossovers, jeans and roamers !
    Haroons favourite shoe for the gents is the Brasher Country Traveller GTX Brown they go nice with Grand Tour Chinos, Fusions and Bags!

    Why not pop in and have a look, see you all soon

  42. The sun has brought the bargain hunters out this last couple of days,and into the Rohan store. We still have lots of bargains too be had.So dont miss out and get yourself down and grab yourself a bargain.

  43. The Sun is hiding today in Trentham, but never the less we are open as is the estate.
    As its a bit cooler today I would recommend the Coastline fleece with a nice stria long sleeve underneath with a pair of troggings to keep my little legs a bit warmer.

    Matt recommends for the gents a microgrid fleece with the wayfarer shirt underneath, little bit of a smart but casual look going on.

  44. Its finally here the Easter Break has started in Staffordshire, Trentham Gardens has many an activity on during the next two weeks,but dont worry if your a parent taking kids on there first trek through the countryside or Grandparents taking the grand kids out or your just lucky enough to spend quality time outside with your partner we have a fantastic range of Spring/ Summer clothes in store now.
    I can recommend the Ladies Shivling jacket with my Little Stria top underneath then Iam teaming this up with my crossover trousers in the fab Asphalt colour, Leslie is recommending the new Action Bags and his microgrid top for the Gents.

    Why not pop down and have a look, hope to see you all soon

  45. What beautiful weather we have today, a great start to the Easter holidays. Why not make the most of the sunshine and come down to trentham and see our amazing new stock. For the men we’ve got the Aura Shirt, its perfect for this sunny weather and great for any holidays you have planned, with spf 40, moisture control and ultra silver, you’ll look cool as a cucumber all day long, this is an essential asset to your wardrobe on a hot day.
    For the Ladies we have the sundown top, this feminine shirt is light yet durable and suits any body shape, it has a beautiful floral pattern that can be dressed up or down, it pairs particularly well with the trailblazers to create a feminine twist to a walking outfit.

  46. Although the Sun is out in Trentham Gardens, its still a bit nippy out there its not t-shirt weather just yet but dont worry we still have clothes which are built for this chilly weather.
    I can highly recommend based on todays weather the Ladies Progress polo with the shivling Jacket, my little cobalt jacket is keeping me snug today.

    Not forgetting the Gents out their we have some long sleeve core silver tops which go nicely under the windshield jacket, perfect for walking round the Gardens.

  47. Its a bright and pleasant day here at Trentham with many people visiting the gardens. This is a great place to while away a Sunday afternoon, be it walking in the gardens, burning off that roast or round the shopping village picking up a gift for someone special. While you are here why not pay us a visit, summer is just round the corner and we have plenty of garments that would be perfect for any summer adventure you may have planned.

  48. Unsure what to wear for a nice occasion in a hotter climate? Come down to Rohan and take a look at our range of light weight clothing. We have a beautiful Tunis range for women, light and smart with the added benefit that they dont crease! For the men we have the gorgeous journal jacket a key light weight blazer perfect for a formal occasion on a hot day, these are one of our best sellers and its clear why. You could even test it out on one of Trentham’s Miss Elizabeth boat tours this weekend. Imagine yourself sitting in the comfort of a 42 seat ecologically friendly catamaran , watching the beautiful scenery of the gardens role by. These tours run from 11am-5:30pm, a perfect day out for the whole family.

  49. As we all know our green and pleasant isle has been covered by a dense, grasping smog. Not the best weather to be out in!!! But with sunshine in our hearts, we look forward to the bright days of summer and excursions across our rolling countryside. Or maybe even further a field. Be it a holiday abroad, a mini break or even just a weekend out with the kids, i’m sure we are all planning to make the most of the coming sunshine. But with the planning comes the question, what should I take with me? Well I know what I would take with me. Of late my microgrid stowaway jacket has been a constant companion, its light, breathable and despite this keeps me warm. Furthermore if I get too hot I can pack it away into its packpocket and stow it away snuggly in my backpack. Its a great garment for those days, when weather doesn’t quite know what its doing.

  50. Wearing my Trailblazers today for the first time, Wow. They are just Fantastic.So comfy, light. and they just feel like a second skin.They are just going to be great for my Long Summer walks with my hubby.

  51. Well I’ve really enjoyed my first couple of weeks in the Rohan store, what a wonderful place to work with such amazing clothing. My favourite is the Coastline fleece, its so cosy and warm, yet at the same time really light and breathable, perfect to wear pretty much any time. The Men’s Field Jacket has been very popular this week. This lightweight, versatile jacket is brilliant for any occasion, with three secure inside pockets and four secure outside pockets you will find this jacket a helpful asset to your wardrobe and in my opinion, an essential item for an avid twitcher or photographer.

  52. Just a reminder to all customers that the Trentham store has now reverted back to our Spring/Summer opening times, 10.00am-5:30pm Monday-Sunday.

  53. It is refreshing to see the sun high in the sky and shining down upon us, bringing with it the warmth and cheer of spring. So why not visit us at the Trentham shopping village and if you have any old gear that you don’t mind parting with, then GIFT YOUR GEAR. You get 15% off your transaction and you get the satisfaction of knowing your old gear is going to get a new leese of life. But hurry GIFT YOUR GEAR has only two more days to go, so strike while the iron is hot.

  54. Gift your Gear is coming to an end this week,so act quickly and use it as an opportunity to make a saving on all your Summer Essentials,15% off per transaction.

  55. Its a fantastic Sunny day here in Trentham perfect conditions for taking a stroll round the Estate or Gardens.
    If your down why not pop in and have a look at our new Spring / Summer Range we have some amazing new outfits in for Ladies and Gents.

    Not forgetting its the last few days of Gift Your Gear, Yip thats right come 5 days time (Monday 31st) Gift Your Gear will be a distant memory.
    This is your final chance to donate to a fantastic cause and in return we will give you 15% off your transaction, this can be towards a new jacket for your holidays or even a pair of trousers for walking up these hills!

    Looking forward in meeting you.

    Team Trentham

  56. The sun is out and spring is upon us, this is a time for dusting out the wardrobe and getting rid of some of those old clothes that you no longer wear. But why throw them out? Gift Your Gear bring in some of your old much loved garments and see that they go to a good home. You can also update your spring wardrobe in the process as you get 15% off your transaction when you Gift Your Gear. But hurry ends on the 31st of March!

  57. Joanne Trentham says:

    Well the Weather has got better again thank goodness, the rain has gone and the sun is shining again although still a bit nippy and a bit windy.
    Perfect day for a windshield jacket with a long sleeve stria top underneath and not forgetting the lovely gents a windshield jacket possibly the navy with red and worldview shirt smart but casual.

    Dont forget if you have any outdoor clothing that your not using ie Tops/ Trousers/Jackets then donate them into store and in return we will honour 15% off your purschase.

    Hope to see you soon.

  58. Maggie Trentham says:

    We are half way through Gift Your Gear and doing well. It is a good time for customers to recieve a 15% discount off our fab new Spring/Summer range whilst at the same time donating to a well worth course.

  59. Joanne Trentham says:

    The Sun has finally decided to make an appearence today, but its still on the nippy side not really t-shirt weather just yet.
    My product of the day is the Coastline fleece with the Atlas Jacket, the atlas is my personal favourite mine has taken me through winter nicely and the coastline jumper keeps me snug underneath just what you need for walking into work.

    Asking tom what his favourites products are at the moment he loves the icepack vest underneath is sentinel shirt keeps him toastie when the wind blows round.

  60. Joanne Trentham says:

    Its a lovely day here at Trentham, the sun is shining and every one is out for a bit of fresh air and exercise. It makes me want to get out there myself and have a nice walk around the gardens. This lead me to think what would I wear on such an occasion. At the top of my list right now would be the core silver zip, a light weight garment such as this would be perfect on a day like today!

  61. Joanne Trentham says:

    Spring has arrived early here in Trentham, the Famous Trentham Gardens are open and what a gorgeous day to take a stroll round the Estate.
    As were right next door to the Main Entrance of the Gardens why not pop in and have a look at the gorgeous Spring/Summer stock, and dont forget Gift Your Gear is on till the end of the month why not donate a piece of your gear that you no longer wear and recieve 15% off your bill in return.
    Ask staff for more details on this promotion.

  62. Joanne Trentham says:

    Gift Your Gear is back folks running from 3rd March – 31st March donate instore and Recieve 15% off your bill.
    Conditions do apply.

    Ask staff for Details.

  63. Joanne Trentham says:

    Final weekend for the Winters End Promotion, this must End on Sunday 2nd March 14.

    Dont worry come Monday the new Spring/ Summer Range will be flowing round the shop in time for the start of holidays.

    Why not pop in and have a look !

  64. Joanne Trentham says:

    Its the last few days of Winters End Promotion, Grab your Winter Coat before they dissapear for Good. Winters End will finish on Sunday 2nd March 13.

    The most amazing little Jacket has finally arrived in store this is my all time favourite product this year. Aura Jacket for Men and Woman its very Lightweight, Durble Water Repelant, Quick Drying and very Packable.

    Why dont you pop down and have a look!

  65. Joanne Trentham says:

    Its the Last Week of the Winters End Promotion its your last chance to Grab a bargain before there gone!!
    For all the shoe lovers out there the new Ecco Range for Woman has arrived in store and not forgetting the Gents we have some very smart Brasher shoes in stock.

    Why not pop down and have a look

  66. Joanne Trentham says:

    The Winter’s End Promotion is now in full swing until Sunday 2nd March we have some fantastic deals in store, a whopping £98.00 off the Nightfall Jackets for Men and Woman this makes the jacket a real bargin at £147.00, our Superfine Merino Hats and Necktubes are also reduced.
    Why dont you pop down and grab a bargin.

  67. Joanne Trentham says:

    The Sunshine is out today which makes a change, temparture has also increased which is great news.
    For all the Lovely people thinking about summer holidays we have a selection of Ladies and Gents shorts in stock now, Lots of nice Polo shirts and tee-shirts to go with them.

    If your popping into Trentham to visit the Gardens then why not pop into store and say hi, just a reminder its half term this week and Billy Smarts Circus is also on Trentham Estate.

  68. Joanne Trentham says:

    This coming Friday is Valentines if only we could forget! So in a moment of madness myself and Leslie asked each other what would like from our partners from Rohan.

    To be honnest I didnt have to think twice I love the new progress polo or the Stria top then if budget allowed I could really do with the Globe Trotter Mac, My legs got soaked coming to work this morning.

    Leslie however took a bit longer to think about it but he managed to wangle it down to the progress polo in the Heather colour and the new Field Jacket.

    We have lots of new stock in store for both Ladies and Gents and would make fantastic Valentines Presents.

  69. Joanne Trentham says:

    The Weather is still a bit nippy out there, dont worry we still have Winter Stock in store if your out early in the morning you could always wear and Ice pack Jacket or how about the New Spark Top under your waterproof, and not forgetting the Ladies we have some shivlings in store or even try the New Microgrid Tops for under your jacket.

    New Selection of Waterproofs also in store, and dont forget if you purschased with us over christmas the discount Booklet is now valid.

    Hope to see you all soon

  70. Joanne Trentham says:

    The Sun might not be shining today, but it certainly is inside the Rohan Store we have some new stock in store, perfect for todays weather is the Atlas Jacket for Woman in the New Rasberry colour or how about the Vibrant Green Shoot new colours for Spring / Summer 14.
    I can personally recommend the Atlas Jacket my jacket has kept me nice and dry for the past couple of weeks while walking to and from work.

    And not forgetting the Gents out there we have the Escapist Jacket again waterproof and windproof Jacket in the lovely Garnet Red, perfect for Rainy and windy days like today!

  71. Joanne Trentham says:

    It might be horrible outside, but here in Trentham were full of sunshine we have some fantastic new Spring/Summer stock in ready for those early holidays, for the Gents we have the New Range of bags in amazing colours Sepia (My Favourite ) and Marnier Blue, and for us Ladies we have the new range of Roamers and crossover along with some amazing colours in the progress polo range.

    Why not pop down today and have a look.

  72. Joanne Trentham says:

    Bargains still to be had here in Trentham, some great deals in the Stria Long Sleeve tops, Trailblazers for Womans and Gents.
    And not forgetting some of the New Spring Summer 14 stock has arrived some great colours in the progress polo’s.

    Why not pop in for a look then maybe take a walk round Trentham Gardens or the Estate.

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