Rohan Trentham at The Trentham Shopping Village

Rohan Trentham

Welcome to Rohan Trentham from Manager IanDeputy Manager Leslie, Richard, Tricia and Matt

Shop Address:
Rohan Trentham, Unit 208, Trentham Shopping Village, The Stone Road, Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 8AX.

Shop Phone Number: 01782 646553

Shop Opening Times:

Monday 10:00-17:30
Tuesday 10:00-17:30
Wednesday 10:00-17:30
Thursday 10:00-17:30
Friday 10:00-17:30
Saturday 10:00-17:30
Sunday 10:00-17:30

Trentham Stores are chalet style building, set as a Shopping Village, with a large and exquisite garden centre. The site has Italian gardens and lake. The Rohan Shop opened in August 2008.

Directions to store – Car from the North M6 Junction 15 Take A34 South signposted Trentham Gardens. Car from the South M6 Junction 15 Take A34 South. Public Transport.From the North to Stoke Train Station, 101 bus Stafford. From the South as above.
Free Car facilities, bay E is adjacent to the Rohan shop

Staff Recommendations – There is Cadwalders across from the shop, but the best place to get a bite to eat is Pieminister down the walkway from us. They do excellent pies and meals to go with them, very unique and the staff there are really nice. There is also an old sweet shop on site which do all the retro sweets which everyone young and old will remember. Good local pubs include the Spotgate Inn, where you can eat in authentic train carriages, The Winking Man in Leek, a great pub to sit, chill out and enjoy the Staffordshire Moorlands, also has one of the best rock nights in Staffordshire.

Local Knowledge – Premier Inn on site, Wedgewood Visitors Centre close by. There is the Trentham lake walk entrance right next to us which also has boat trips on the lake. There is also a Monkey Forest near by on the estate which is great for young children, you get to walk through the forest with monkeys running round you. Trentham Gardens itself which has many shops and restaurants and even a hot air balloon. The Roaches, great for people into climbing or absailing.Tittersworth resevoir a fun packed family day out that is also educational. Wetley Rocks for all those budding walkers. Biddulph Grange, a historic gem that has one of the finest Gardens in Staffordshire.

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  1. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan, Trentham Gardens, for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    It’s a miserable day here at Trentham so far and with this in mind, why not call into Rohan for some all weather clothing. We have the Elite 2 jacket for both men and women, perfect for the unpredictable British summers. Of course this is only one example of the garments that we sell. So why not call into see us where Ian and the team will be happy to help!

  2. Matt - Retail Assistant says:

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you are having a nice day and I hope the weather picks up for you guys but until then why don’t you come in and say hi and look at are lightweight and waterproof jacket and have a good look at are waterproof trousers.

  3. Matt - Retail Assistant says:

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you are enjoying the sun like we are down here in Trentham this is the perfect weather for are trailblazers and are frontier shirt with there sun protection and anti Insect so come down and pop in

  4. Matt - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan, Trentham Gardens, for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    It’s set to be a lovely day here at Trentham, perfect weather for a walk around the lake and a coffee afterwards. Whilst you’re here, why not call into Rohan (opposite Pieminister) and be amazed at the fantastic range of all weather clothing.

    The team here will be on hand to provide helpful advice and steer you in the right direction should you need it. So, for all your outdoor needs, think Rohan Trentham!!

  5. Matt - Retail Assistant says:

    Hi all

    Its the last day of the summer essentials today get 20% off yours summer needs and its the last day of the elite jackets promotion today so come down and save some money today.

  6. Rose - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan, Trentham Gardens, for all your outdoor clothing.

    Good afternoon all!

    Isn’t today just splendid? I’m guessing that the Gardens look absolutely glorious in the sunshine today.

    Why not pop in and say hello to us at Rohan right after you’ve visited the monkey forest, or just before you go out and get an ice cream?

    We’re always on alert, ready to offer advice and willing to answer any questions you may have. Today is just the right day to suit the mood to pick out some nice stylish summer clothes. Remember, we have quite a wide, varied selection of clothes to suit weather like today.

    For you ladies, why not pop in and try on a pair of Tian trousers, with a matching Tian top? Both are lightweight, stylish, have sun protection and have biteguard technology helping to keep those pesky bugs away! Perfectly ideal for a day like this.
    For you gentleman, I suggest coming in and trying on a pair of trailblazers with a frontier shirt, again these are also stylish, comfortable, and have sun protection, and biteguard in them.

    Look forward to seeing you all today.

  7. Rose - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan, Trentham Gardens, for all your outdoor clothing.

    Good afternoon,

    Have any of you people been lucky enough to have visited Trentham today? Hasn’t the weather been really up and down? It was raining this morning on my way to work, I could barely keep myself upright with all the wind blowing at me. Thankfully, my mountain leader with it’s excellent barricade technology, which includes superb windproofing and excellent waterproofing, kept me both try and safe from the bitter chill of the wind.

    The weather has cleared up a bit since, with some moments of cheery sunshine. However, this is Great Britain so I’m under the assumption that it might just start raining again at any moment. Luckily, we have clothing to suit all temperaments the weather may display. Come on in, and have a look at our clothes, friendly staff are always about to introduce you to the items and to answer questions as to why the clothing we sell may just be what’s best for you.

    On your way in, you’ll notice that one side of our window is kitted up in preparation for the optimism of summer- she’s wearing a Verona jacket (a stylish jacket, lightweight, and brilliant for travel with the ability to keep you cool in the heat) with a worldview shirt (again, lightweight, and ideal for travel but also has sun protection in it), and a pair of striders (personally my favourite pair of trousers, that also has sun protection in them). She’s completed with a stylish serene scarf which helps to tie her highly aesthetically pleasing outfit together.
    In our other window, you’ll notice that our realist is wearing an elite jacket (our most durable jacket perfect for all seasons, but especially so for the rain, with its barricade technology making it windproof, breathable and waterproof), with an element T (a comfortable, stylish looking tshirt that even though has sun protection is also practical as a base layer, regardless of the weather), with a microgrid stowaway jacket (one of our most lightweight, yet warm mid layers, that has dynamic moisture control in it meaning you won’t feel uncomfortable in the heat as it wicks and disperses the moisture away).

    Both our realist and the optimist are looking suave and fashionable, so which ever one you find yourself being able to relate the most to, don’t forget we have clothing to suit all.

    Look forward to seeing you! Oh look, it’s raining again…

  8. Rose - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan, Trentham Gardens, for all your outdoor clothing.

    Good afternoon,

    The weather is still keeping up to good ol’ British standards- a nice slight bask of sunlight with a little cool breeze. But fear not as we have clothing to suit all sorts of weather- from waterproofs, and warming midlayers, to sun protected, and biteguard items.

    Maybe you’re visiting family or friends this half term? Great- remember all our clothing is extremely packable. Don’t forget that all our clothes are also incredibly easy to clean, going camping this week? Brilliant- we’ve got your back, simply handwash our garments and leave them out to dry, they’ll be fine come morning light!

    You may have seen Rohan mentioned on the BBC Travel Show recently. Our Envoy suit had its crease resistant properties tested out on an eleven hour plane ride with favourable results! Why not come in and put your curiosity to rest by having a look at the suit in person, maybe even try it on and see what the wonder is all about for yourself?

    Whatever you’ll be getting up to for the rest of the half term, we hope you’ll be having a good one!

  9. Rose - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan, Trentham Gardens, for all your outdoor clothing.

    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!

    Today’s weather is a bit more bearable than the other day- a lovely little ray of heat with a cool breeze. Whilst you’re out and about exploring the lovely scenery and quirky little shops that the Trentham Estate has to offer, why not pop in to see us and check out our clothes that are made to suit all kinds of weather?

    My favourite outfit that I’ve tried on so far, has got to be the striders- a comfortable and technical pair of walking trousers- teamed with a stria top- casual, yet flattering and extremely comfortable also. And for when it’s a little chilly, I find wearing a coastline jacket adds that little extra layer of warmth too. Our clothes are not just ideal, and practical for the walkers in all of us, but are also quite fashionable in look too.

    We cater for both men and women, so don’t be a stranger, come in and say hello! Our friendly team are ready to greet you.

  10. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Good afternoon folks,

    As you can see, today’s weather is all up and down – one minute it’s sunny, and the next it’s raining, and at some points even hailing! Such as is typical for the glorious British summer. Luckily, us at Rohan have clothing to suit all weathers.

    So whether you want something with ultraviolet protection, and bite guard (such the men’s sentry shirt, teamed up with a pair of trailblazers) in preparation for the scorching summer, or you just want something with our excellent barricade technology (waterproof, wind resistant and breathable) to help handle the wet weather we seem to be having of late, rest assured we have it all.

    And don’t forget, for anyone getting ready to go on holiday – we don’t only do clothes, but we also have stowaway bags, and packing gear such as the pack-it half cube to help make readying your suitcase even easier.

    Remember, we’re open from 10am to 5.30pm daily.
    Look forward to seeing you!

  11. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi Everyone,

    The summer months are nearly upon us and here at Trentham we have an array of clothes designed to keep you cool in those hot exotic climates.

    These include the Core Silver range, using silver technology to stop you from overheating, the Sentry shirts and trousers, perfect for hot weather with the added bonus of insect protection.

    Of course this is just a small example of what we can provide, we have clothes that excel in all weather conditions and here at Rohan Trentham Ian and the team will be on hand to provide useful advice when you decide to call in!

  12. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    It’s quite mixed here at Trentham, the weather really doesn’t know what to do. So in view of this, why not pay a visit to Rohan, where we have a wide range of fantastic all weather clothing to suit every taste.

    Among these, we have the amazing Mountain Leader Jackets for Men and Women, the Globetrotter Mac and the amazingly light Windshadow Jacket. We do of course have a far more extensive range, so feel free to pop into Rohan Trentham, where Ian and the team will be there with a warm welcome and provide you with any help you may require.

  13. Rich - Retail Assistant says:

    Rohan Trentham Gardens for all your outdoor clothing.

    Hi everyone,

    It’s a mixed day here at Trentham, with the rain and sun coming and going. This is the perfect opportunity to invest in some all weather clothing from Rohan. We have a wide selection of coats, trousers, shirts and T-shirts etc, for both men and women, protecting you against the elements, whether it be harmful UV rays or rain.

    So if you’re thinking of coming to Trentham, but are unsure because of the weather, fearnot, Rohan Trentham is on hand to help you, with a warm welcome from Ian and the team and sound helpful advice.

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