Rohantime Feature – Rohan Windshadow Jacket

Rohan Women's Windshadow Jacket Mineral Green

Our Rohantime Feature today is The Windshadow Jacket –  Rohan distilled?

Our Windshadow Jacket is aimed at active outdoor enthusiasts. Runners, cyclists and outdoor trekkers all need lightweight showerproof protection with a stretch fabric that affords plenty freedom of movement. And the same properties are pretty much essential for year round backpacking or hill-walking, especially in the British Isles…read more

Fabric: 90% polyamide 10% elastane with Durable Water Repellency™.
Weight: 215g
Pack Size: 500ml
Drying Time: 2 hours

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Rohan Windshadow Jacket Persian Orange

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  1. I like the Windshadow a lot, but looking at the review of the newer ladies’ model where it notes a preference for the plainer elasticated cuffs over the velcro, I very much concur only with my comparison point being the old Windrider. I don’t find the velcro cuffs add anything much that a well set plain bound elasticated end doesn’t provide, plus it’s more fuss and more stuff to get caught on things. As long as they provide enough space to roll the sleeves up I think Less Is More there (in other words, I think the chaps’ model would benefit from that revision too.)

    While I’m a big fan of stretch downstairs I don’t think it matters so much in a jacket. It’s not a *bad* thing to have, but when I briefly tried on one of the notionally stretchy ones to see what difference it made over my original the answer was “not much, if any”.

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