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If the purpose of your trip is business rather than just pleasure, you’ll want to look as good on arrival as you did on departure. Here’s how to do it

Customer Review : Men’s Envoy Jacket

‘I recently travelled by air from Chicago, IL to Washington, DC and back in early May, 2017. Then a few weeks later, I travelled from Chicago, IL to Richmond, VA and back.

 The Rohan Envoy Jacket that I took with me is so nice. The wrinkle resistance is really nice. I found it was warm enough on the plane that I did not need it, so I folded it a couple times and stuffed it in my carry-on luggage, stashed it in the overhead compartment and forgot about it.

 When I arrived, I removed it, shook it out and it was a good as new.

The attention to detail is great in the workmanship. The hand stitching around the edges of the lapels goes down to the bottom of the front of the jacket and even the inside lining.  There is a vertical and a horizontal zippered pocket on either inside lapel with a lower button-closure pocket on one side. A hidden zipper creates a small unsuspecting hide-away pocket. The outer lower pockets are at a slight angle which makes a very nice fashion statement, and the outer upper pocket is nice and deep with a hook and loop closure – which I chose to remove. I love the fact that the buttons on the cuff are functional, although I have yet to figure out when to unbutton them. Water resistance and a button closure rear flap are two more plus features.

You know you look good wearing it! – Bob Moon’


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