Nick at Rohan Woodbridge Remembers the Wild Vest

Nick Rohan Woodbridge in 1985/6 Rohan Wild Vest

We receive some super stories and photos about early Rohan clothing on Rohantime The Rohan Heritage category on Rohantime call Flashback is very popular.

This is a lovely photo from Nick at Rohan Woodbridge.

An original Wild Vest June 1986, Killarney, Ireland.

The Wild Vest, a sleeveless gillet, was a wonderful addition to a comprehensive clothing layer system. Designed to go under Sohao but most of us did the opposite. Most preferred option was over the Olfio, before the Olfio got a full pocket front.  It was lightweight,  low bulk, cut quite long and contained all the pocket and pen slots, a hallmark of early Rohan.

Wild Vest was included in Chris Townsend kit list for:

Chris Townsend – Rohan on the Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

1985 – 3,100 miles down the Rocky Mountains from the Canadian border to Mexico

Early Wild Vest also had the distinctive poppers in gold and other colours. I remember a few that boasted a mixture of colours. The poppers became know as ‘smarties’.

1987 Rohan Wild Vest


In 1987 the Wild Vest changed, it was longer and designed to go under Rohan Jackets (Pampas and Savannah).  It lost some of its unique personality at that point.

Full text from 1987 catalogue



A great garment. Big thank you Nick for sharing this with us all.

If you had an original Wild Vest please let us know in the comments below.

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