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Rohan Trotters 74/75

Way back in 2013 we reported a wonderful pair of Trotters have found a new home in the unique Rohan Originals Collection in Rohan Keswick… read more

We are really pleased to report Trotters have taken centre stage in the Rohan Originals Collection on display in Rohan Keswick

A Trotters – stretch, cord effect, Helanca with Lycra trouser with easy to access secure pockets and of course the D-ring. Made in Kippax Leeds… from the 1979 Catalogue

I think it is safe to say without the development thread of Trotters in all their manifestations Rohan Bags would not have happened. Trotters provided a test bed for all our trouser ideas in the mid 1970’s. Using our experience of making breeches it was natural to gravitate towards trousers.

As stressed in many of the Rohan Heritage stories on Rohantime, early Rohan development was much more about the fabrics that anything else. Trotters appeared in various fabrics.  All had contrasting waist bands and the D-ring.  The Helenca fabric was a super fabric and time has proven that it was truly sustainable
Sarah Howcroft Co founder Rohan Designs
If  you planning a visit to  Keswick over the Summer call in and see all the changes to the Rohan Originals collection which includes OLFIO – The number plate now on display. And thereby hangs a tale.


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