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Rohan Shop Milton Keynes

Welcome to Rohan Milton Keynes from Simon (manager) Carol (Deputy) Glynn, Noo, Peter and Emily.

Shop Address: 1-3 Knebworth Gate, Giffard Park, Milton Keynes, MK14 5QD

Shop Phone Number: 01908 615407

Shop Opening Times:

Monday 10:30-16:30
Tuesday 09:30-17:30
Wednesday 09:30-17:30
Thursday 09:30-17:30
Friday 09:30-17:30
Saturday 09:30-17:30
Sunday Closed

Rohan Milton Keynes opened in 1985 shortly after Rohan moved to Milton Keynes from North Yorkshire. It was the second Rohan Shop to open the first being Rohan Long Preston.

Rohan Milton Keynes is located in Giffard Park. We have free parking right outside the store.

Rohan Milton Keynes Re-opened

Staff Recommendations – You could try The Giffard Park pub. It is located just across the road from us. There are also many restaurants in the Theatre District in Central Milton Keynes.

Local Knowledge – The Grand Union Canal is a stones throw from the store. There are many beautiful lakes to walk around, and there are two close to store. If you need more retail therapy shopping at the CMK shopping Centre. The Xscape building, offers cinema, snowslope and AirMax. If you bring your bicycles, there are miles of Redways in Milton Keynes. The Concrete Cows!! Located on the A422 (H3 Monks Way) Theatre at Central Milton Keynes. Woburn Safari Park and Woburn Abbey are not far from the store. There are also the Brickhill Woods, great for a walk or mountain biking. Bletchley Park where the enigma machine code breakers won the intelligence war. Visit the historic market town of Newport Pagnell with its Iron Bridge and see where Aston Martins were made, until recently.

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  1. Rohan Milton Keynes Store says:

    Nothing better than the look of linen this summer as long as you don’t move.

    The trouble with linen is the creasing.
    Why can’t you look smart and stay cool.
    Now you can!

    With our Linen Plus fabric, you gain all the benefit of linen without the drawbacks.

    So why not check out the Linen Plus range at your Rohan Store in Milton Keynes.

    Have a look at the range here:



    For Every Journey.

  2. Rohan Milton Keynes Store says:

    With the change in weather and the summer holidays beckoning there’s no better time to visit your local Rohan in Milton Keynes.

    This week we are featuring the Men’s Aura shirt. Not only is this lightweight but it packs down to almost nothing. Then pull it out, put it on and you’re ready for a night out.

    Practical and with good looks.

    Check it out here :

    See you soon.

    For every Journey.

  3. Now that the sale has ended lets concentrate on the hot weather coming our way..
    Bright days and Long Evenings are upon us and we have some lovely ideas for you to take away on your travels. Light weight, quick drying, non iron, ideal holiday wear.

    So why not pop down to your Rohan shop in Milton Keynes and have a look around this weekend.

  4. Rohan Milton Keynes Store says:

    Here at ROHAN in Milton Keynes, we have it all, heavy Rain, Snow, Hail, burning Sun and huge winds! But… Luckily we have huge discounts on a wide range of Rohan clothing Right Now! from fleeces to waterproofs to cooling trousers! So for weather like today, you will have always have the right clothing. packable, lightweight, and perfect for all occasions, including that cheeky holiday that you have booked!

    Have a look at all the sale products here: and find something that you will definitely be needing and grab a bargain while stocks last!


    For Every Journey

  5. Rohan Milton Keynes Store says:

    Did you know that we have insect repellent clothing?

    We have been producing insect repellent clothing for a few years, and have now expanded the range to include clothing that doesn’t make you look like you are trekking through the jungle. (We do those as well!)

    Designed with evening and town wear in mind, these products let you get on with your holiday without you noticing them keep bugs at bay.

    Check out our insect repellent clothing for men here:

    and for ladies here:

    As always, we are here for any questions and advice at your local Rohan Milton Keynes store.

    For Every Journey

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