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Welcome to Rohan Milton Keynes from Simon (manager) Carol (Deputy) Glynn, Noo, Peter and Emily.

Shop Address: 1-3 Knebworth Gate, Giffard Park, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK14 5QD

Shop Phone Number: 01908 615407

Shop Opening Times:

Monday 09:30-17:30
Tuesday 09:30-17:30
Wednesday 09:30-17:30
Thursday 09:30-17:30
Friday 09:30-17:30
Saturday 09:30-17:30
Sunday Closed

Rohan Milton Keynes opened in 1985 shortly after Rohan moved to Milton Keynes from North Yorkshire. It was the second Rohan Shop to open the first being Rohan Long Preston.

Shop Address: Units 1 & 3 Knebworth Gate, Giffard Park, Milton Keynes MK14 5QD

Rohan Milton Keynes is located in Giffard Park. We have free parking right outside the store.

Staff Recommendations – You could try The Giffard Park pub. It is located just across the road from us. There are also many restaurants in the Theatre District in Central Milton Keynes.

Local Knowledge – The Grand Union Canal is a stones throw from the store. There are many beautiful lakes to walk around, and there are two close to store. If you need more retail therapy shopping at the CMK shopping Centre. The Xscape building, offers cinema, snowslope and AirMax. If you bring your bicycles, there are miles of Redways in Milton Keynes. The Concrete Cows!! Located on the A422 (H3 Monks Way) Theatre at Central Milton Keynes. Woburn Safari Park and Woburn Abbey are not far from the store. There are also the Brickhill Woods, great for a walk or mountain biking. Bletchley Park where the enigma machine code breakers won the intelligence war. Visit the historic market town of Newport Pagnell with its Iron Bridge and see where Aston Martins were made, until recently.

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  1. Good Morning,

    We are truly in Sale with many of you grabbing bargains over the last few days.

    Don’t forget we are open this Sunday from 10:30 – 16:30.

    We can also order items into the store while you are here at no extra cost.

    So get down to your local Rohan Milton Keynes Store for all your outdoor and travel clothing.

  2. Rohan Milton Keynes Store says:

    Enjoying the weather? Here at our Rohan outdoor, adventure and travel clothing store in Milton Keynes, we have everything you could possibly think of, to make the most of every day out in the sun, without worrying about your clothing.

    In case you didn’t know, we have a super large range of clothing that includes our Dynamic Moisture Control finish that rapidly spreads unwanted moisture such as sweat, over a large surface area of the fabric. This means that the garment will dry more quickly, and you can stay comfortable for longer, even in hot and humid conditions without feeling cautious about having big sweat patches under yours arms.

    This Technical feature that we have in nearly all our trousers and tops, work even better together even if you are wearing more than one layer. For example if you have one of Microgrids’ on top of a “basic” element/essence t-shirt, the t-shirt will work twice as hard moving moisture over it while the fleece uses it’s power to evaporate at much moisture it can from itself. and away from the body.

    To check out all of our clothing with our DMC technology in it, have a look online in the link below or pop into our store where we can give you expert advice and assistance with anything you need! See you soon!

  3. At the Rohan Outdoor Adventure Travel clothing store we have everything you could possibly think of, for terrible weather like today, in Milton Keynes.

    Like the new ELIITE II JACKET for both men and woman. Men, you get the choice of our bright scarlet jacket, or graphite, and Ladies, you can have the jacket in the beautiful emerald colour.

    The jacket is a 100% 3 layer waterproof, and only weighing in at 325gs, which makes it extremely lightweight. It’s also highly wind resistant, fast drying, has a pack-pocket for when you don’t need it and 2 waterproof zipped pockets.

    It’s no wonder the ELITE II Jacket received a reward for BEST IN TEST in TRAIL magazine.

    For expert advice on this garment or information on any other product in our range come in and see a member of our team at Giffard Park.

    We look forward to seeing you!

  4. Here at our Rohan Outdoor Travel and Adventure clothing store, we have everything you could possibly need for the most beautiful weather.

    SO, for your benefit, Rohan came up with the idea of putting our brilliant SILVER technology into more and more of all your favourite items! Including the Worldveiw Shirt, Equator Shirt, Envoy Shirt, The Ultra Silver T and Core Silver T (all for men, sorry ladies!)

    Just so you’re all up to speed, tiny traces of silver are evenly spread through the fibres of these garments, making it harder for the development of microbes to grown exponentially in the damp and warm areas, that would then lead to mould and odour. So really, what it does, is stop your clothing from smelling and going mouldy, which means you can take less and do more!

    Also! Did you know that our Insect Repellent range, (commonly known as our BITEGUARD range) has a natural Odour and Mould Resistance with it, giving you even more protection? You didn’t? Well, ladies, you will be pleased to know that we have a gorgeous selection of clothing with the BITEGUARD in, and men, there’s a range for you too!

    However! That’s not all, because just in case you were wondering, ALL of our High Performance Underwear, and Woman’s Cami’s include this AMAZING technology, so when washing facilities are hard to come by, there’s no need to fret!

    Check out these links, for all these products (and more) or Run Up to our Store here in Giffard Park, for Expert and Free advice! We can’t wait to see you!

  5. HI Everyone

    What glorious weather we are having at the moment lets hope it continues, The Lovely Marco Linen plus jacket is flying off the shelves as its brilliant for your summer wardrobe!!! it must be holiday season. This garment packs so well, paired with the Zephyr Shirt makes it the all time holiday favourite.

    Please check our link:

  6. Hi Everyone I believe the sunshine is out this weekend so why not pop along to your Rohan shop and buy some of our lovely summer essentials if you have not done so already as they are still on offer till 7th June.

    Please go to our website to check what’s on offer.

  7. Hello everyone,

    Its again a beautiful day at Rohan. Why not come and see our lovely Summer Essentials now with 20% off selected lines.

    We have also add our fantastically light Elite Jacket for the summer realist

    We are offering two different colours, Scarlett in men’s and Emerald in the ladies, with 20% discount until June 7th.

    Come to your Rohan Milton Keynes Store for a great bargain.

    Check out the links for our Elite Jackets.

    Women’s Elite:

    Men’s Elite:

  8. Hi everyone its nice to wake up to the lovely sun shine again. Beautiful blue skies makes us smile first thing in the mornings.

    Why not pop down to your local Rohan Milton Keynes Store today as we have our Summer Essentials with 20% off selected summer lines until 7th June.

    We have a large range of T shirts, polo’s and shirts not to mention some shorts.
    The element T and Essence T have understated looks but the performance of a technical T, add in some sun protection and it’s a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

    Here’s some great base layers.

    For Him:

    For Her:

  9. As we are all aware this weather of windy days and rain are simply not going away so if you are planning to go for a holiday or a short weekend away why not pop to the Rohan shop to see all our waterproofs.

    These protect you if we suddenly have heavy rain there is nothing worse than going on a lovely walking trip to find you did not take the right clothing to enjoy the day.

    Our waterproofs will protect you and they are so easy to carry as they have pack-pockets to just wrap up in a ball when not needed.

    Like our Elite ll Jacket.

    It comes in 2 different colours.

    Scarlet which is bright or for a more subtle look the graphite for men and then the Emerald green for ladies.

    Why not check out these and our other waterproof range here:



  10. Here at Rohan Outdoor, Travel and Adventure clothing store we have all the layers you’ll need for cold windy days like today!

    Come on down and take a look at our Windshadow Jackets for both men and woman. Extremely lightweight only weighing in an incredible 220g for the men’s in Ultramarine and graphite, and 260g for the woman’s Violet jacket!

    The jacket is very Highly Wind Resistant, and will protect you from a Light Shower when you’re out and about, due to the Durable Water Repellency.
    It also has it’s own Packpocket, so when the weather brightens up you can fold it up and pop it into your handbag or backpack and forget about it until you need it!
    Just to top it off, we’ve included two secure pockets for peace of mind when you’ve got loose pocket money and valuables.

    What could you wear it with?

    Layering the Jacket with a fleece underneath; such as one of our Microgrid Stowaway Zips, for that extra warmth, and one of our basic, but not so basic, T-shirts; you’ll have that extra comfort when you’re at your most active because the T and fleece will wick away moisture, starting from the T and working its way through, unlike a regular cotton t-shirt that will stick to you and make you uncomfortable.

    Take at look at our Windshadow Jackets and our fleeces and Tee’s here:

    Alternately come and take a look in store, where The M.K Rohan Team can advise and assist you! See you soon!

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