From the blogs – Is Instagram Ruining the Great Outdoors?

The latest post in our from the blogs series is from Outside Magazine and asks the question…

Is Instagram Ruining the Great Outdoors?

Social media can expose tens of thousands of people to places in an instant. That’s a double-edged sword.

Good question

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  1. charles ross says:

    Great Question!

    If the overall problem is looked at: will the wonderful view prompt a few others to get off their sofa & explore the outdoors – the situation must be viewed positively

    On a more micro level, if the extra traffic no longer makes the location as attractive – then so be it; whilst if the extra traffic no longer makes the local environment have an ambiance that the originator of the image remembers, then perhaps they will think twice about posting too many more of the precise details of their special places

    To me the view is a main part of the experience, but the memories come through all five senses & visual appeal is just one part; most of the special places I have I do not share on open media. The strongest memories I have of a place are of the company I keep & I know that is about being there at that time – the interaction between my colleagues

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