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Memories of Rohan – From Andrew Denton Second Manager at the MK store, then Trade Sales Manager and creator of our first ‘Travel Advice Centre’

I first met the team at Rohan in Long Preston in 1982 – I was a Student who loved to travel – hitch hiking all over the world, I thumbed a lift down to a Rohan sale, in the only shop they had at the time, with the only office above it.

I knew these guys made great travel clothes so I thought I’d try to get some kit in the sale – what I didn’t know until I got there was that the intense guy with the long dark hair behind the sales desk was Mr Rohan – Paul Howcroft, and beside him was Sarah – who now 25 years later is still a good friend.

andrew and timThat was the thing in those days – Rohan was just a big club – you recommended Rohan to your friends, you nodded at strangers you saw in the street wearing the kit, you went to all the sales and met friends you only ever met at a Rohan do. Paul wrote a news letter and shared his life and that of his family – Sarah and Caius – now a Doctor of Particle Physics! – with us all we were just part of the huge ride as Rohan grew up.

Soon after they moved to Milton Keynes to start the growth of the business I joined the team. I has been buying ‘Rohan Bags‘ – I worked at an Outdoor Ed. centre and those pants where perfect for us – lightweight, versatile, easy care, quick to dry – great for every day uniform working with kids in the outdoors. through that account I met the General Manager, Mike, and from time to time Paul and Sarah H – who to me as an acolyte of the brand were next to deities! I remember my interview in MK in 1986 – in the same office they use today – we talked about gear, Mensa, good food & wine with their FD Ron – a wonderful man and another good friend – anything other than if I knew how to run a shop! Caius was fractious and keen to leave so the interview was wrapped up – when could I start?

So began my life at Rohan – if this story is anything other than a passing interest let me know and ‘Ill update another time with some stories of the team and what we did as Rohan grew up! Till then I will leave you with a few images – see if it jogs the memories of any old ‘Rohanists’ out there!

Andrew Denton

Rohan Heritage

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