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Rohan in Long Preston on May Day

Rohan Long Preston is special for many reasons.

Many people think that Rohan started in the North Yorkshire village of Long Preston. Rohan started a few miles east in Skipton in 1972.

So you think you know your Rohan History?

Rohan Long Preston Opened in 1983. The building is a two storey converted barn made from Yorkshire stone which used to be a barn for the auction mart which was held on the May Pole green opposite in the late 1800’s early 1900’s… read more

Outdoor brands opening their own shops is now common retail business practice. Back in the early 1980’s, in the outdoor industry, this was not the case. The decision to open our own shop came very soon after starting our own mail order service.

This is a quote from a letter that accompanied the 1982 catalogue which sums up the position at the time:

… Rohan is not easy ” walk into a shop, see it, buy it,” sort of clothing. Rohan is hard to see and hard to buy, but that’s all part of the Rohan story…. – Paul Howcroft

At that point there really was no going back. The retailers of the time did not like our decision to make Rohan a vertical company. Over the years, as other brands followed they have adapted. Long Preston became the centre of all our activities. It was a destination store and as such had to be different. It was. On the day it opened no garments were on display. They were all behind the electronic blinds. We wanted to talk to our visitors and learn more about them. The garments where revealed in slow time.

Rohan Long Preston    

Why Rohan Long Preston?

The building also accommodated a team of people that prepared Rohan for the massive growth of the 1980’s. Very special people that worked day and night as a cohesive team.

We have many stories about Rohan Long Preston on Rohantime.

Some highlights:

Rohan Long Preston 1st Customer

G’day – A special journey to Rohan Long Preston

Rohan Shop at Long Preston

Rohan Social Media c.1983

Do you have any early memories of Long Preston back in the day?    

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