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Men’s Hideout Jacket

Great looking retro-style cagoule brought bang up to date with modern technology and Rohan know-how.

Loved by mountaineers, explorers and fishermen for well over a century, the smock cagoule is an old favourite with those who spend their lives outdoors.

We thought we’d give the old idea a new twist – what if we take this beautifully simply retro concept and subtly update it using a modern fabric and some clever design tweaks?

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The arrival of any over the head garment in the Rohan range is always exciting. We have followed the story of Rohan Heritage and over the head garments on Rohantime over the years. They are all an important part of Rohan History…

How many Rohan Pullover smocks are there?

We asked Ben from Rohan Keswick who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Rohan History if he could list all the Rohan over the head garments produced during the 40+ years. No pressure Ben! read more

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