New Arrivals Update Spring 2017 – Rohan Bags

Rohan Bags Spring 2017


We are featuring on Rohantime a selection of stand out new arrivals.

Today the New Arrival is Rohan Bags. New Year New Colour…

Rohan Bags Mallard Blue


The iconic Rohan Bags are the original multi-functional outdoor trousers and the blueprint for all contemporary travel trousers.

New Year New Colour…

Mallard Blue






Over the years we have enjoyed many reviews, stories and feature’s about Rohan Bags on Rohantime

Some highlights:

From the mags – Trail Magazine December 2016 – Hall of Fame

The History of Airlight Fabric – The History of Rohan Airlight Fabric

Bags of Many colours – Rohan Originals at Rohan Keswick

A little bit of Bags History –  Rohan Bags The Original Multi-Functional Outdoor Trousers

Can you put a pair of Bags in a coke can – Yes You Can Rohan History

The first pair of Bags was made in  – Iconic Rohan Bags – Made in Yorkshire

The conservative/ The radical –  Radical Rohan Bags, Olfio 1986

What came first Bags or Airtlight? – Never Mind The Quality Feel The Width

How did Rohan Bags actually happen (from the co-founder) – In the beginning there were Bags…

Enough? We have lots more, in fact there are twenty seven pages on Rohantime, all with nine unique Rohan Bags stories per page, that’s 243 stories on #IconicRohanBags.

Read more about Rohan Bags

Rohan Heritage

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