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TGO Magazine advert

The latest post in our from the blogs series features an advertisement in TGO magazine.

The Rohan Originals collection is a unique collection of Rohan Heritage clothing. Treasurers such as the first Mountain Salopettes, Mark1 Bags, Hyde, Olfio, Moving On, Flashback and Windlord are all on display in the shop.

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Rohan Heritage

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  1. Jeremy Dyke says:

    I have the follwing Magazines; Rocksport, Crags, Bumbler & Stumbler, sorry Climber & Rambler, Climber, Mountain, High, On The Edge, going back to the 60s, C&R, was the mouthpiece of the then Mountaineering Association, which was the Birthpoint of the BMC of today. Not a lot of people know that! So, Ben, are you game to take those into your care??

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