Update – Rohan’s 1st Mountaineering Consultant

Last January we published this story on Rohantime….

Introducing Rohan’s 1st Mountaineering Consultant

In 1978 Nigel became Rohan’s 1st First Mountaineering Consultant and took an electric blue Windlord jacket to Alaska in 1978.  He also tried out the Salopettes in the Himalayas and winter climbing in the Alps giving us feedback on comfort and practical design features.

One year after we published Nigel’s story we have an update…

Last time I was in Rohan Keswick Ben gave me a copy of Climber & Rambler  Magazine dated April 1980. The magazine contains a Rohan ad. very topical of Rohan at the time.

Guess what that’s Nigel in the Rohan Pampas

Text reads

Mountaineer Nigel Gifford taking Rohan less seriously at the windswept island prison of Alcatraz California Photograph – Mountain Assignments

Stories just like this one are so valuable, not only because they record the heritage of the company. They are stories about the people. Endeavour, hope and aspiration.

Memories we love them.

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