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Welcome to Rohan Ambleside from Paul (Manager), Amy, Mandy, Tom, Jackie,  Robin, Alex, Nathan and Margaret are always on hand to provide expert help and advice for all your ‘Rohan’ needs. Why not pop in or call us.

Shop Address: 1 Market Cross, Ambleside LA22 9BT

Shop Phone Number: 015394 31630

Shop Opening Times:

Monday 10:00-18:00
Tuesday 10:00-18:00
Wednesday 10:00-18:00
Thursday 10:00-18:00
Friday 10:00-18:00
Saturday 10:00-18:00
Sunday 10:00-17:00

Welcome to Ambleside, undoubtedly one of the most picturesque small towns in the country. We have been in the village over two decades, on this site since the late nineties. Built on the site of the old bus station. With perhaps the best view of the Fairfield Horseshoe other than walking it!

Directions to our shop – Situated in the heart of Ambleside, on the main artery of the Lake District the A591. The major bus route into Ambleside is the 555, but for those more adventurous the 599 open top bus in the summer runs through the village. Car parks are situated in the centre of the village opposite the library or on the outside by the fire station. Day parking ranges from £5, disk parking is widely available for one hour – you can pick one up in most stores… including ours.

Staff RecommendationsZefferellis is great for a veggie bite and is our local art cinema, with jazz bands and music on many nights of the year (look out for the cinema meal deals – booking essential). Dodd’s Restaurant is well worth a visit too!

Local Knowledge – Situated in the heart of  The Lake District National Park the world really is your lobster, Grasmere, Easedale, Langdale, Coniston Old Man, Lake cruises, gentle meanders to epic walks. Ambleside and the South lakes have something for everyone, whether you’re here for a weekend or a week. The only problem is once you’ve visited you won’t want to leave!



  1. Robin @ Ambleside says:

    Looking like summer is finally arriving in the Lakes. Every season looks different in the Lake District and that includes our amazing summer range. Why not pop in to Ambleside and see it close up.

  2. Robin @ Ambleside says:

    It may still be April showers in Ambleside , but why not pop in store and be showered in are great Midseason Sale items. Or let our friendly team show you all we have to offer for the coming summer weather.

  3. Paul @ Ambleside says:

    Mid Season Sale is now on. If you are in the south lakes why not pop in and see us and pick up a bargain or three?

    See you soon,

    Paul and team

  4. Great walking weather in the Lakes. It`s a lovely and sunny day, but there is still a slight chill in the air, so I am wearing my Windshadow Jacket to just to take the edge off. At 260 grams you hardly know that you are wearing it! If you haven’t tried one of these great garments – pop into your Ambleside store and let us show you one!! Tom

  5. Paul @ Ambleside says:

    Be prepared for any weather……. whether its sun/wind/rain or snow we have it all. So If you are in Ambleside or coming to the South Lakes why not pop in and talk to us…… The team @ Ambleside

  6. Robin @ Ambleside says:

    Happy Easter Saturday, not only is it a holiday weekend but a very sunny day in Ambleside. Why not hop in after an egg or two and see are smiley team and grab are 20% off all trousers while its hot hot hot

  7. James @ Ambleside says:

    Happy Good Friday from the Rohan team in Ambleside!
    why not visit us today for 20% off all trousers in store! This offer is only available in the lakes and runs until the 12th of April.

  8. Paul @ Ambleside says:

    Hi all!

    We are open all Easter in the Lakes:

    Good Friday 10-6
    Saturday 4th 10-6
    Easter Sunday 10-5
    Easter Monday 10-5

    So if your in the Lakes and in need of your ‘Rohan’ fix…..why not pop in and see us!

  9. Hello, well the news is the very successful Gift Your Gear is here once again, running through the month of March. Donations we had last year were fantastic! So we hope to see maybe vintage Rohan or items Jackets, Fleeces, that will be put to great use, to one of the many charities it is donated too. Get sorting through that wardrobe and we hope to see you soon as you get the 15% off full price new gear, you may have an idea already from our new catalogue that has hopefully arrived on your doorstep.

  10. Robin @ Rohan Ambleside says:

    So the sun is shining in Ambleside today, which means there’s an extra spring in the teams step! Our new season catalogue is out next week……. the breath taking photography of Morocco is a fantastic back drop for our new lines. Why not pop in and see the ‘just landed’ stock in store now!.

  11. Nathan @ Rohan Ambleside says:

    So we are fast approaching the annual Low Wood No Wood boat race, Once again I have been named captain for Team Rohan.
    If you’re in the area why not come on in and give your ideas for what our boat theme should be this year.

    Captain Nathan

  12. Paul @ Rohan Ambleside says:

    New lines arriving now! New Serenity Dress and Serenity T with cooling fabric and a flattering silhouette a real winner for the new season… if you are in the area why not pop into Ambleside and try on our new range… See you soon!

    All the team at Rohan Ambleside.

  13. Robin @ Rohan Ambleside says:

    Well Ambleside definitely looks as if drawn by Walt Disney him self. But come see all of are wonderful new arrivals like the Union Henley top or are warm French Blue Microgrid jackets, and well sing ‘THE COLD NEVER BOTHERS ME IN ROHAN!

  14. robin @ Rohan Ambleside says:

    Well it maybe a bit wet today but are sprits are high with Christmas cheer, as we are stuffed with plenty to keep everyone warm and dry. So come see are little helpers in store and avoid a red nose!

  15. Tom@ Rohan Ambleside says:

    Answer: Sixpence

  16. Tom@ Rohan Ambleside says:

    A little riddle:

    Small and round, yet no where to be found
    Not used any more, but you`d pick it up from the floor
    Christmas would not be the same without it

  17. So the weather has definitely taken a colder turn, and now its raining, typical.
    On the hand its a glorious day to be wearing my merino base layers.

  18. robin @ Ambleside says:

    We are getting all festive in the store this weekend , thanks to the hohoho cold weather. Why not join us for some mulled wine and mince pies on Saturday (before we eat them), and if that doesnt warm you through we have great winter warm layers in store and the Ambleside christmas lights!!!

  19. robin@ Ambleside says:

    Well its the 1st of the month , why not come ‘pinch’ a deal on great sale items ready for the ‘punch ‘ of cold weather and christmas!

  20. Nathan @ Rohan Ambleside says:

    Sale ends on Sunday, Some great offers with upto 60% off on selected lines

    Come in and see!


  21. Nathan @ Rohan Ambleside says:

    12 days left to donate your unwanted outdoor clothing to Gift your Gear left, Why not come through and take advantage of it while it lasts!

    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  22. Tom @ Ambleside says:

    Rohan clothing once again proved itself in my adjoining Lakeland garden, withstanding the brambles, bushes and shrubs, as I cut back a years worth of growth. Now once again access is possible to the river Brathay and promply we were swimming in it! A great days work and enjoyment at the end of the day.

  23. amy r @ Ambleside says:

    The sky may be grey today, but its all smiles and sunshine in store with are great range of sun and insect protection clothing ready for your hot hoildays.

  24. Jackie @ Rohan Ambleside says:

    Looking like a busy Saturday shopping day in sunny Ambleside, plenty to see and do. Lovely walks by the lake or up by our pretty river. Why not pop in see our friendly team at Rohan to help you pick something nice to wear or something you might need for a up and coming trip, or maybe choose a gift for Fathers day this Sunday 15th June, have a good day.

  25. Amy @ Rohan Ambleside says:

    So summers here and its time for Rohan Ambleside to take to the water again…. After having such a ball the boat race I have decided to go for another dip only this time in the form of THE GREAT NORTH SWIM.

    I will be swimming the 1 mile course on saturday having no preparation time and zero training this should be a good challange!

    This great event will mean Ambleside will be a bustling little town this weekend… why not escape the crowds and come and browse the summer range in store.

  26. Team @ Ambleside says:

    Shhh have you heard the latest…there’s a heat wave coming…and with 20% off selected summer essentials this is the best time to catch them…before they float away into the sunset!

  27. Scrappy Nelson says:

    Wahoooo…. I hope to soon. It’s great to see dog friendly shops.

  28. Peter Clinch says:

    I hope we’ll see pictures here…

  29. Nathan @ Rohan Ambleside says:

    Well it looks like we are back to our usual Lake District weather, Very damp and wet. Its the perfect day to go shopping.
    Why not come on in and meet the team?


  30. Nathan @ Rohan Ambleside says:

    Wonderful weather up here in the Lake District, Perfect weather for building a boat!
    That’s right tonights another night for the cardboard boat, it’s a shame that the boat is now too big to be carried outside into the sun.

  31. Nathan @ Rohan Ambleside says:

    So the Low Wood No Wood boat race is just around the corner. Cardboard collections are high, and team rohan is ready to take the gold. All we need now is to build a boat!
    Why not drop in and give us your thoughts or designs.
    Or simply keep following for weekly updates

    Captain Nathan

  32. As a part-time college teacher and part-time Rohan sales assistant, I can only recommend Rohan items for bridging that gap between smart and functional clothing….most of my students would never guess that I had been walking the dog over Loughrigg in the morning, but could then be standing in front of them in the same clothes- “office” clothes to be worn on the hills, which are comfortable all day long.

  33. I have just spent the past 3 days up in Glencoe not walking or skiing but whitewater kayaking! For kayaking the area is a classic UK whitewater destination. A step up in difficutly compaired to that of the Lake District but with my team it was a real adventure navigating the intence feautres of the rivers, including going over waterfalls and through tight shoots.

    Of course off of the river I gave my Rohan Trailblazers and Spark Top a true test. The comfy trousers were used all the time for loading and unloading kit from the car as well as relaxing in the evening at the boozer, I love my trailblazers. The Spark Top I couldnt have done without too, allthough we had superb weather, I needed that extra layer when not kayaking to reduce the effects of the chilly breeze and to stay comfortable when relaxing at the side of the rivers and the fact that the top packs away so small left plenty off space for extra lunch. For myself the Spark Top is such as smart investment and will definatelly be taking it on my future adventures.

    For photos of my trip search for my blog whitewater aptitude on google.

  34. A nice article about #GiftYourGear and #Rohan Co-founder Sarah Howcroft in this months ‘Lakeland Walker’ magazine.

  35. Tom@Ambleside says:

    Great walking weather today- the tops still have some snow on them! The team are planning another night walk for a date in the near future -possibly down the screes at the back of the sugar loaf (Langdale Pikes). Should be good!TC

  36. Gavin @ Ambleside says:

    All this wet weather customers keep mentioning is going to be awesome for my next whitwater kayaking adventure on my day off. I cant wait to test out my spark top underneath my dry-cag to see if it will ease the shock of the chilly water!

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