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Rohan Stretch Bags

During The Sale we are featuring on Rohantime a selection of stand out sale items with links to reviews and features.

Stretch Bags – Classic Bags styling in a technical stretch fabric-

Men’s Stretch Bags – Our Stretch Bags offer the tried-and-tested design of Bags – but up the versatility by incorporating all the performance associated with a soft-shell fabric. Read more

Reviews and Mentions

Latest Rohan Review – Rohan Stretch Bags

Trail Magazine Used & Abused Rohan Stretch Bags

Rohan Reviews – Rohan Stretch Bags

Bags, but not as we know them… Is it heresy?  by Peter Clinch

Bags aren’t the original Rohan garment, but they are one of the early examples and if one piece of clothing was called on to encapsulate the brand’s history it would very probably be Bags on the pedestal. They’ve been steady sellers and very influential, inspiring numerous “Bag-a-likes” from competitors and several related garments in Rohan’s own ranges: Convertible Bags, Double Convertible Bags, Easy Fit Bags, Action Bags, Hot/Warm/Winter Bags, Bags Shorts, Dry Bags, Epic Bags… Some have been more popular than others, but none up there with the originals and Rohan are understandably wary about tarnishing what has become something of a Sacred Cow, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear a stretchy version was finally seeing the light of day a few years after I’d dropped the notion in to a conversation on the Rohantime Forum. read more

Experiences with the New Bags On The Block 

Stretch Bags In Use, by Peter Clinch

Following on from the First Impressions article, which was a side-by-side comparison of Bags and Stretch Bags out of the, ummm, bag, this is how the new ones have fared in the Real World over the last couple of weeks…read more

Read more about Rohan Stretch Bags for Men and Rohan Stretch Bags for Women

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