Highlights from Rohantime 2016 – PJ Clinch

It has been a very busy year on Rohantime. 

So many great stories from Rohan customers, friends and colleagues.

A very big thank you to all our contributors.

We thought we would use the holiday period to highlight some of the lovely stories.

Our next post this series is a look back at some of the stories from PJ Clinch.

Thank you Peter

The Half-Century Century – Peter Clinch

The Half-Century Century – Peter Clinch

As the years have ticked by the Big Five-Oh has been getting closer, and with it very much on the horizon since I turned 49 last year I started thinking if there was anything special I wanted to do to mark the occasion, just something for myself as an achievement to show myself I can still do that sort of thing… read more

A Review of Rohan’s Men’s Troggings Trousers

Peter Clinch – Out for a Trog

My latest present to myself c/o Rohan is a pair of Troggings, marketed as general purpose outdoor legwear “with all the comfort of your favourite jogging bottoms”. And on the web page they look a bit like jogging bottoms too, so with that setting up something of a jogging bottoms mental picture and in the market for some slounging trousers I was quite surprised when the good folk of Rohan St. Andrews handed me something that didn’t say “jogging bottoms” at all, but rather “stretch weave soft shell”. Being a great fan of stretch woven soft shell for walking trousers this was a pleasant surprise, although I did have to make something of a re-adjustment as to what I’d actually end up using them for: not general purpose house and town, but “proper” outdoors… read more

The Great Soft Shell Mystery – Moveable Meanings

Some while ago I mooted the idea of the Bags design in a stretch fabric on the Rohantime Forum, and having batted the idea back and forth around the design department at Rohan Towers for a bit, now we have them, and I have a pair to test-drive. The marketing release that came along too says the following…

A very big thank you to Peter and family for the lovely stories  and reviews. Especially the 1st Review of Stretch Bags  and Stretch Bags in Use

Rohan Reviews by Peter on Rohantime

More stories in this series Highlights from Rohantime 2016 – Chris Orange Photography

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