Rohantime – The Year in Review 2016

Rohantime 2016

About this time of year I spend time in the Rohantime Archive. It helps with the preparation of the Rohantime Review. It struck me the archive is an underused resource. Each story/post on Rohantime is organised by category but there is also a date and tag archive which is useful to see what was happening this time last year – December 2015 and right back to when Rohantime was launched –  February 2009.

Below are just a few of the highlights from 2016.

I am sure you will have your own favourites please add them to the comments below.
The Rohantime 2016 photo album now is now on the Rohantime Gallery 


January – We opened the year listening to Nick – Rohan Woodbridge talking to Lesley Dolphin on BBC Radio Suffolk radio Nick Hughes 30 years of International Aid Work. We introduced Rohantime readers to Nigel Gifford Rohan’s 1st Mountaineering Consultant. Saul (long time Rohan friend) shared The First Year at The Kettlewell Hostel. We had Good News from the Rohan Keswick Team, always good to read about what Mark Richards is upto. Quick link to all the January stories on Rohantime

February – David – The Secret Diaries of a Long-distance Walker kept us updated. Rohan Milton Keynes – A Well Earned Facelift and we shared Popular Rohantime Posts from Chris Orange.  This one was very popular in Flashback Winter 1987 – A Paul Howcroft Doodle. We marked Rohantime Launched Seven Years Ago and we also marked the reopening of Rohan Stratford upon Avon. Quick link to all the February stories on Rohantime

The Rohantime 2016 photo album now live on the Rohantime Gallery

Rohantime 2016

March – We opened the month with the start of a Gift Your Gear event in all the Rohan Shops and talked about Gift Your Gear – Where Your Gear Goes. Our Rohan Heritage post Rohan History – “Exploding with ideas” proved very popular. As did this one Rohan Children’s Clothing Range- Rohan Heritage. Rohan Stow shared News from Rohan Stow on the Wold – Resident Rohan Artist. Quick link to all the March stories on Rohantime

Rohantime 2016

April – We published the Gift Your Gear at Rohan Spring 2016 – Photo Album. Reviews are always popular The Independent Review – 10 Best Men’s Walking Jackets and this one Vintage Rohan Fleece Still Doing it’s Job. This went live Rohan World Map Now Live – Rohan Stories Well Worn. Some lovey photo’s from The Secret Diaries of a Long-distance Walker.  Rohan Worcester – Say Hello to Rohan the Alpaca. We talked about Portugal Packing – Poshpacking Wisepacking Style , a review The Independent Review – 10 Best Women’s Walking Jackets and finally Winner Wanderlust Gear of the YearQuick link to all the  April stories on Rohantime

May – The highlight of the month was Keswick Mountain Festival Review by Neil Whorton – Rohan Keswick and  One for the album – Rohan celebrates 30 years in The Lakes at Keswick Mountain Festival from our heritage archive we looked back at Next to Skin – The 1st ‘No Shrink. No Stink’ Bodywear and Keith and Jayne AchieveTrip of a Lifetime another look at Gift Your Gear – Where does the gear go and Chis Orange shared Chris Orange in the Hebrides Perfect Location… Quick link to all the May stories on Rohantime

Rohantime Review 2016 - The Album

June – Rohan Keswick shared the development of the Rohan Originals Collection. Abbie left Rohan Inverness – Working in Tanzania. We Welcomed Rohan Marlborough. Rohan Dunster shared Exmoor’s Conservation Superheroes Rewarded. Rohan Stratford shared Where Does Your Gift Your Gear Go – Stratford upon Avon RDA. We looked at The History of Rohan Classico  and we remembered Rohan Olfio – Designed To Last “What a bit of kit” Quick link to all the June stories on Rohantime

July – Rohan Dunster shared Exmoor’s Conservation Superheroes Rewarded. Chris Orange Exploring Remote & Rarely Visited Britain. We followed The GOCONGO Expedition to Democratic Republic of Congo. We revisited Clive Tully’s The A to Z Guide for Lightweight TravellersQuick link to all the July stories on Rohantime

August – Au Revoir Olfio – See You Again Soon Update. Rohan Inverness asked  Can you spot the first Rohan Pampas Jacket? and we asked How many Rohan Pullover smocks are there?. Some very special heritage photo’s in this one Mountain Heritage Trust – A Brief Golden Light. Rohan Kingston shared .Michelle Completes South Coast Challenge. Quick link to all the August stories on Rohantime

Rohantime Review - The Album

September – Rohan Stow shared Adam Henson ‘Like Farmer, Like Son’. We took another look at Rohan Original – The One That Started It All… Rohan Edinburgh shared Jet Setting Couple Donate to Gift Your Gear. We looked forward to Rohan Keswick 30th Anniversary Celebration and Gift Your Gear at Rohan Autumn 2016 got underway. Quick link to all the September stories on Rohantime

October – We started the month looking at The History of Rohan Airlight Fabric. Lots of news from the shops News Rohan Hebden Bridge Wainwrights Completed and Rohan Stratford upon Avon have the Monopoly. PJ Clinch shared The Half-Century Century  and we talked about Gift Your Gear – Where does your gear go September 2016. A couple of reviews always popular Walks Around Britain – Our Top 5 Men’s Walking Boots and  My Outdoors – Review Rohan Axiom 60 Wheeled DuffleQuick link to all the October stories on Rohantime

Rohantime Review 2016 - The Album

November – News from Rohan Stamford – Gift Your Gear and  A Week in the Life of Chris Orange Photography always popular.  Gift Your Gear News from Rohan Inverness Wilderness Scotland. Deborah North asked What does this woman wear in the mountains to keep warm?.  News from Rohan Kingston upon Thames – Gift Your Gear and  News from Rohan Manchester – Travel Stories.  David Maughan The Secret Diaries of a Long-distance Walker.  Brighouse Yorkshire Tykes Explorer Unit shared some Gift Your Gear news with us. Quick link to all November stories on Rohantime

Rohantime Review - The Album

December – So many great stories it’s still a work in progress.
Quick link to December


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