The road less travelled – 5400m

Despatch 27.05.10 – Exploring is really all about exploring your own limitations. The fact that today we made good use of trails left by yaks and yak herders to get underneath the mountains we’re taking a look at shows that exploration only means new to you. Most places, it turns out, are perfectly well explored by the people who live there.

This is especially true of Tibet, where people revere the landscape and have adapted brilliantly to live in it. The people we’ve met along the way so far are obviously resourceful. They have to be able to fix everything they own, certainly the stuff they rely on. It may sound romantic, but they really are in tune with their environment. They certainly use a lot less energy to live here than we do.

Today we filled our rucksacks with enough kit to last for several days at our advanced base at an altitude of 5400m and the plan is to go up tomorrow for what will be the final few days of our trip before we turn for home. I won’t be able to send anything up there, so unless the weather’s bad tomorrow and we’re confined to base camp, I shall be off air for a few days, in more ways than one.

Ed Douglas

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