From the blogs – How long does your gear last?

David Maughan and Brompton Cycle

The latest post in our from the blogs series features a story from David Maughan, author of The Secret Diaries of a Long Distance Walker. David  shares with us, amongst other things, the demise of his Wild Vest. Remember them?

TOP SECRET, The Loss of WV, Who is the Mug. Where’s Sid?

… Yes my Rohan Wild Vest (body warmer) main zip had irretrievably failed beyond repair. As it was about thirty years old I decided I couldn’t take it back under the guarantee…. read more

Mark 11 Rohan Wild Vest

Anyone still using their Wild Vest and do you remember the first Wild Vest with the poppers that looked like Smarties?

We are really grateful to David for the update.

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