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Good conversation on the forum this week about reversible fleece …

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=Men's Newcountry Shirt
An alternative? – The Newcountry Shirt

The Newcountry Shirt can be worn as a standard shirt, but also doubles as an over shirt that will protect you from the wind like a jacket, and insulate like a fleece. Fully reversible one side is made from Airlight™ fabric, and the other is a warm polyester fleece.

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  1. Rohan Inverness says:

    Technically Liz it this Spring Summer’s Spark Vest which was reversible, prior to that if my memory is correct the last top and vest for ladies was the Kombi top and vest from 2010, through 2011.

  2. Love the new alternative. Has there been thoughts on a women’s version? When and what was the last women’s reversible product?

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