From the blogs – Do You Know Your Knots?


The latest post in our from the blogs series features a rope and knots.

If you’ve ever been camping, hiking or even fishing you’ll know just how tricky it can be to tie a knot that gets the job done. Remember when you went camping, and it ended up a little windier than expected? Well knowing the right knots, could have saved you those 30 minutes you spent chasing your tent cover around that field! And that time you reeled your line in expecting a nice catch, only to find your line had come undone and you’re now missing some equipment too? The right knot could have saved this from happening. And not to forget that slip you had while hiking that made you rethink if you actually enjoyed hiking or not? Knowing a simple knot could save you from those potentially dangerous trips or falls.

Camping, hiking and fishing are highly dependent on the use of rope (or fishing line) and knots. So knowing a few important knots is more than likely going to be worth your time! After all, how hard can tying some rope be? With this simple and easy to follow infographic from PTWinchester, next time you’re out exploring with everyone, you’ll be able to show them the right way to tie that mess of rope that they’re claiming is a bowline but looks more a rope puzzle! – PTWincheater

Quick link to Know your Knots Infographic

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