Rohan Looks Forward to Celebrating 21 years in The Lakes

Have you spotted this on the Rohan website or current Rohan catalogue…

‘To celebrate the 21st Anniversary of the opening of Rohan Keswick and Ambleside stores, we’re holding an extra special Lake District Weekend.
Every Rohan customer is invited’.

Where ever you live in the UK you are probably not that far from a Rohan store.
Aberdeen to Truro taking in Belfast and the Isle of Man on the way there are 35 plus
OK what about xxxxx I hear you say.
Well yes there may be a few gaps where the trek to the nearest Rohan store is over hills and far away.
Not many.

In the 21 years since the first Rohan Lakes store opened a lot of shop openings have followed.
Before The first Lakes shop opened the trend had started. Long Preston was powering away at the heart of the Rohan universe and Convent Garden was open at the alternative centre of the universe. Hale, Milton Keynes, Edinburgh Chichester and Bishop Strortford followed. The 1st. Lakes store was number 9.

A question
Who can recall the very first Rohan Lakes store and the faces that you would meet and greet you.
A clue or three – the bright red awning, the big red light and Darayls tea. OK no more clues.
In the very early days this particular store had something completely different from all the other Rohan stores.
Anybody remember what that was?


Rohan Heritage

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