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I arrived in the Dolomite mountains this afternoon just before sunset, and it had that ‘Lord of the Rings’ feel so I managed to get into the foothills to take some shots. Here’s one as the sun sets behind the mountain range.

With all my photography equipment and the whisky there’s only a small amount of room in my luggage for clothing, so I’m thankful that Rohan gear packs away so small! As always I’m shooting with the Canon 5DSR as it’s a high resolution camera (50.6mp), giving me the opportunity to bring out the detail in the landscapes. I’ll also be using the Canon 5D Mk 3 and a variety of lenses – and of course my GoPro Hero 5 black for some video too!

Monday – this week I’m fortunate to be in the Italian mountains and Venice for a commercial photo shoot. I’m capturing a series of landscapes and cityscapes for a whisky brand, and during my trip I’ll be posting each day to Rohantime, sharing some of my experiences and photos. For this kind of shoot I need a variety of gear to keep me warm and dry in the mountains, and so this is one of those times where I need the Tundra jacket for it’s extra warmth, and pockets large enough to be really useful to hold lenses and other camera gear.


Tuesday – Last night I spent a long time chatting to a older man here in the Dolomite region, trying to glean enough information from him about where to get the shots I needed today. The only problem was that he didn’t speak a word of English, and I don’t speak any Italian. However, we spent over an hour pouring over maps and waving our hands around, trying to converse with each other. From what I could understand, he gave me two options for today’s shoot – as I needed to get up high – enough to view the summits of other mountain peaks. And so, at first light I began a long trek up the summit in the region of La Valle, which would eventually give me the view over the mountains.


Several hours later, after a gruelling trek, I reached the top and was rewarded with some soft, winter sun that briefly broke through the clouds. I love this kind of sunlight as it creates drama in the skies, especially above mountain peaks. It means that beams of sunlight are revealed against a backdrop of dark skies and snow capped mountains – really stunning!

This time of year is special as the sun barely makes it over the mountain peaks, before it sets again, and so I had to hurry down again so as not to be caught out with the setting sun. Tomorrow I spend another day in the mountains, before heading to Venice in the evening – very excited to photograph that city!

Chris Orange Photography - The Dolomites

Wednesday – One of the things I love about being a landscape photographer is the opportunity it gives me for reflection. I’ve always cherished time alone to soak in the view, and I seek to bring that level of contemplation and depth to my photography. This was made easy today as I spent time at the top of a mountain range in an area known as Passo Pordoi. From December it will come alive with skiing, but for now there are no crowds on the ski slopes, and I was fortunate to have been able to breath the clean air and enjoy the exceptional view that Passo Pordoi has to offer. Remarkably, there’s a tiny church at the foot of the summit which I think shows some serious commitment from it’s members!

From here I travel to Venice, where I imagine I won’t be quite so alone…


Thursday – I arrived in Venice last night, and after being alone in the mountains for a few days it was quite a shock to the system to see so many people, but Venice is a wonderful city, and I want to soak up as much of it as possible for the short time I’ll be here. I love that I arrived in the dark as it meant that when I photographed the sunrise this morning, I got to see the city for the first time before all the crowds arrived. And what a beautiful view – as I stood on the Rialto Bridge over the Grand Central Canal, the colours of the morning were simple breathtaking.


Whilst walking around this quaint old city it’s wonderful to watch the residents go about their daily lives, and for them this is home. As you can imagine, everything happens on water, whether it’s restaurant deliveries or rubbish collection. I even saw a barge style hearse, with the coffin on board – quite incredible!


It’s been great fun blogging my trip – here’s my last one for this trip.

Friday – There’s something magical about a city at night when the lights sparkle, hiding all the blemishes that are visible during the day and people buzz around in excitement, and Venice is no exception. Walking around the city during the evening is a wonderful experience, with people dining next to the Great Canal under candlelight, couples going for romantic walks and with all the shops staying open everything feels alive.


I spent the evening walking through the city and watching people enjoy their evening, and then gradually as the night drew in the boats were moored up and the city began to go to sleep. My time in Venice has been very short, but one that I’ll never forget and I will definitely be coming back with my family to experience this beautiful city in the near future. Highly recommended!


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