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The Outdoor Guide

A new series on Rohantime – Rohan Gear in Use.

Featuring people that live and work in their Rohan gear all year, all over the world. If this is you please let use know in the comments below.

Thank you to the Julia Bradbury The OutdoorGuide for the feedback from the filming crew


“Rohan have togg’ed up the crew for Julia’s filming shoot in Dorset, Cotswolds, Anglesey and now in Cumbria! 

The men and women’s Atlas Waterproof Jackets have proven the perfect choice to keep the crew warm for this new walking series.” – TOG

The filming crew didn’t leave the hotel without their Rohan waterproof coats. These coats are lightweight, bright and a great fit. Keep an eye out for more Rohan photographs from the filming of Julia Bradbury’s new ITV walking series – Rohan & TOG

Read about TOG Team visit The Rohan Shop in Keswick

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  1. I suppose flying computers for the NHS in the comfort of Bags and a Worldview Shirt every working day wasn’t quite what you had in mind?

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