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The latest post in our from the blogs series features a very interesting article from  BBC News following a hashtag on  Twitter #WeWantPockets…

The hunt for women’s clothes with pockets

The lack of pockets on women’s clothing is causing frustration on the High Street. While many people may find it hard to believe that this is a big problem, there are some designers out there looking to address the issue.

Hunting for women’s clothes with proper pockets can be an exasperating experience.

I say “proper” because fake pockets or teeny tiny useless pockets are all too easy to find. In the case of the fakes, heavy stitching is applied in the shape of a pocket, where a pocket should be. But it’s a trick, no pocket actually exists.

A search for “#WeWantPockets” on Twitter draws up dozens of messages from frustrated women.

“Getting ready to go out and my jeans have no pockets. The damn thing came with two belts BUT NO POCKETS. #wewantpockets,” is one such example…

Read more – The hunt for women’s clothes with pockets

Over the years on Rohantime we have talked about pockets on Rohan Clothing going right back to the very early days. The Rohan Action Jacket below from the early 1980’s made a very bold pocket statement…

Rohan Action Jacket

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  1. I very much like the pockets on the AJ, one reason it’s still my standard Weapon of Choice as a general purpose coat, and why I think with it’s better than the Pampas. For some reason the belt no longer features on mine though…

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