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During the summer we followed Mike Bull and Conleth Conway enthusiastic, young conservationists based in Bournemouth researching reptiles and primates, respectively on the GOCONGO Expedition. A research trip to Bandandu Province, in the western territories of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more

Our main provider of field clothing was the wonderful Rohan! They were super generous and kitted us out with robust, comfortable, breathable clothing to survive the heat and hostile habitats of Bandundu Province. They were a huge help in the fashion and health department due to their insect repellent witchcraft! Mike and Conleth

Their latest update is a review of the clothing with includes:

Insect Shield® 

Sentry Shirt with Insect Shield® technology 

Trailblazers trekking trousers with Insect Shield® technology

Trail-T long-sleeved top with Insect Shield® technology




Rohan Heritage

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