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We thought we would share this lovely story from Gift Your Gear…

Mid September Gift Your Gear received this request:

Hello! My husband and I spent the last few days camping around Scotland. We’re flying to Germany on Tuesday night out of Edinburgh, and we were wondering if it would be possible to donate our tent, two sleeping bags, and a stove –  Laura

After a few phone calls arrangements where made for Laura to drop off all the gear at Rohan Edinburgh. That is exactly what happened. At The BIG Sort their gear was taken by the Gift Your Gear groups and is now back out on the hills.

In the last few days Laura has published, on their blog, the story of the Scotland trip

Wild Camping in Scotland – We dreamed of traveling the world so we quit our jobs to do it full time. Follow our adventure here! Learn More 


A big thank you to Laura and Vesper

Read more about Rohan Edinburgh



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