Gift Your Gear at Rohan Autumn 2016


Gift Your Gear The BIG Sort has ended and the beneficiary groups have received their boxes of donated outdoor clothing and equipment.

Time for a final look at Gift Your Gear – Rohan Autumn 2016.

It was a large collection, super quality with a great variety of donated gear. As usual most mountain brands were represented. With an increased representation from Scandinavian brands this time.


Highlights: Rohan heritage as usual. Some fantastic examples of Olfio, Wild Vest, Tundra, Taiga’s, Pampas, Busker and Mariner (above) to name a few. The oldest Rohan donation was a pair of Striders before Airlight!  Most are now back out on the hills where they belong, which says a lot after 30 + years.

The stand out highlight is the striking generosity of people’s donations. Super full spec. mountain jackets and trousers all brands, Top of the range mountain garments, fleece and insulated jackets all donated in volume. The touching notes attached to some of the gear with a little bit of history. Thank you.


If we had to sum up what this collection was all about in one word it’s easy…


This time we supplied a much wide variety of groups. We got to some of the groups the previous collections had not. Some of the smaller regional based groups. We learnt about the problems many of these groups are experiencing including providing suitable basic outdoor gear for their young people. We listened to many stories of children turning up at events with totally unsuitable gear. The groups struggle to get the gear required on falling incomes.

All this is happening along side the growing publicity and energy attributed to increasing awareness that we need to offer outdoor experiences to young people. It is a sad reflection that the groups that are actually dedicated to doing just that are really struggling. Their leaders are a resourceful and enthusiasts group of people but there are limits.

Your donations have made a very big difference this time.

Until next time!

Sarah Howcroft – Gift Your Gear Make a Difference


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