Adam Henson ‘Like Farmer, Like Son’

adam-hensonThe Rohan Stow franchise have built up a valued relationship with local farmer and TV personality Adam Henson.

Adam has a continued appreciation for ‘Rohan’ and can be often seen wearing Rohan whilst presenting Countryfile.

The Rohan Stow franchise have supplied Adam with a number of Rohan items, with his favourites being the Elite, Guardian and Daybreak jackets.

As a thank you Adam brought in some signed copies of his new book ‘Like Farmer,Like Son’ and kindly gave them to some appreciative customers in store and Karen and Rob, the Rohan Stow franchisee’s.

His new book is a moving memoir dedicated to his late Father Joe. It is a remarkable account of Adams life, first and foremost as a farmer and now TV personality and Countryfile stalwart.

Robert Slatter

Rohan Heritage

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