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rohan-conway1If you do find yourself on that ever changing stretch of coastline that is North Wales, maybe heading for Snowdonia, or even on the well trodden route to the Emerald Isle through Holyhead, try a break in Conwy. There is plenty on offer to interest the visitor.

Check out some of the excellent mountain biking, walking and climbing opportunities in the area.

Geocaching is also on offer – great for the kids.

In fact I think this best sums up whats available from the Conwy area for us all..

“Fresh air. Open spaces. Four walking regions. Hundreds of miles of paths and trails” read more…

So if your are not worn out by all the great activities on offer call in and talk to Paul Shepley owner of Conwy Outdoor Shop one of  Rohans long standing retail partners. Maybe stop for tea in the Victorian Tea Rooms climb that great stairs to  the first floor.

Paul has been with Rohan since the mid 1980’s – he can tell some tales. Get him talking.

Read more on Pauls Rohan story rohan-conway-in

Paul reflects on his visitors “The customers here quickly become friends, we’re always interested in what they’ve been up to and because we’re passionate about the gear we can talk for hours about it. It’s no surprise that the store has a very laid back feel, it’s very open and just seems to encourage relaxed browsing.”

How to find Rohan Conwy

Rohan Heritage

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