Has your favourite outdoor gear been discontinued?


The latest post in our from the blogs series highlights that dreadful feeling when you learn your favourite outdoor gear has been discontinued. Sad!

The post that started this is by Joe Jackson on Outside

An Elegy to the World’s Best Running Shoes

Seeing a beloved piece of gear get discontinued is a bit like going through a rough breakup. Pearl Izumi’s decision to terminate its Run line left our writer particularly devastated…read more

They went on to publish a list of some of the gear they would like to see come back which includes the Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser so maybe we should start with Land Rover Defender. Please add yours in the comments below

Do you feel sad about a particular piece of outdoor gear (any brand) being discontinued?



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  1. Rodney Hutchinson says:

    Winter Essential trousers both women and men’s. Ideal autumn and winter trousers. Sorely missed. I have 2 pairs and my wife has 1 pair. I hope they never wear out because I do not know what to replace them with, trousers with fleece linings can be a bit to warm.

  2. Rohan Customer Services says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your post.

    I was interested to read your comments regarding the Moving on Tops.

    This was an airlight jacket style, which did feature in our range a number of years ago. The part which made them so different from anything else was the large front pocket, which as you say, was perfect for holding your travel documents or equipment.

    Currently, I cannot see we have any plans to reintroduce this style, or have anything similar within our range, so please accept my apologies.

    Please be assured, our Designers are really keen to receive feedback and I have passed on your comments for future reference.

    Thank you for your feedback, it is really appreciated.

    Warm regards

  3. Steve Kay says:

    When will the Move It tops and the winter version be reprised. The deep chest pocket and the pouch pocket made them ideal for travelling.

    • Peter Clinch says:

      I guess the answer to that is “whenever they think they might sell enough to make it worthwhile”… sadly it seems that the general buying public don’t share our taste in smock tops.

      eBay is a pretty good source though, with quite a good selection of Movis, Olfios and their successors.

      • Rohan Inverness says:

        Still very popular Movi’s and Olfio’s. We had 3 requests for the Olfio over this weekend alone.

        • Buffalo’s smocks are excellent alternatives if you’re only outside, but they don’t do smarter contexts so well.
          I often work in a Moving On or similar (it’s a Goa Mk.1 today), but a Buffalo Windshirt wouldn’t really cut it.

          And back when the heating in my lab was broken I’d work in an Olfio, and take it off if I went somewhere warmer. Take off my Buffalo Special Six and being designed for next-to-skin there’s nothing underneath, which wouldn’t really work around the hospital!

  4. charles ross says:

    Agreed on soft-shell salopettes: Peter’s got it spot on there

    I had a Patagonia winter epic cotton jacket (with a print fleece lining) that lasted for over 15 years, but it became too worn out to be respectable so it was deconstructed & used as an inspiration for another. I really miss the original – it was comfy in a way lightweight materials don’t offer

    The footwear I adore was brought back briefly by Teva the other year as part of a retro collection: it was the original sandal where the back-strap had been added to the flip flop toe piece

  5. Peter Clinch says:

    I had a pair of Teva Alps Pro from their list… Based on their reputation I imported them from the US as they weren’t available here… Meh. Too heavy, straps tended to rub, I much preferred Terra Fis and gave them away.
    So it goes to show that not everyone always shares opinions on revered gear.

    In my stuck-record capacity, soft shell salopettes. As well as my Rohan Super-Salopettes I’ve got some MEC Powershield ones. The bee’s knees for winter mountaineering, I can’t find any now, from anyone.

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