Rohan Stratford Customers Visit the School in a Bag HQ

Rohan Stratford upon Avon Customer Visit School in a Bag Charity

You may remember that last year Rohan Stratford supported the School in a Bag charity with fundraising and this year some of our customers were so inspired by the charity and the work they carried out that they arranged a visit to their HQ and warehouse at Home Farm in Somerset to help out for a day, and they kindly sent me some photos to show the fun they had.


The SIB charity works hard to provide essential equipment to allow a child to go to school, often in the most vulnerable and disaster affected areas throughout the world. Stationary, notebooks and eating utensils are packed by hand by only 3 ladies in a big shed on the family farm, and they appreciated the additional help as 73,707 bags have been packed since the charity began!

Rohan Stratford upon Avon Customers visit School in a Bag Charity
Ladies from the Stratford upon Avon Inner Wheel club supported the charity by knitting 83 teddy bears to go into rucksacks, ensuring that each child had at least one cuddly toy and their President Barbara Jenman is shown here with the teddy bears and the rucksacks they packed that day.

You can sponsor a rucksack by visiting the School in a Bag website, and can even track where in the world your rucksack goes by following the link

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