Rohan Stratford Enters Shakespeare Duck Race

duck race

Shakespeare Duck Race 2016

On 27th August at 2pm in Stratford upon Avon, 1000 rubber ducks will be launched for charity – a mass of bright yellow ducks pouring over the weir, dodging swans and frantically bobbing along like Olympic canoeists to the finish line!

The Amazon

The Rohan team in Stratford have entered ‘Explorer Duck’ as their duckling of choice, he’s recently back from the Amazon, and famous for tracing the source of the Nile and has been practising his bobbing like a true champion.

source of the Nile

Wearing Rohan kit he has everything he needs, his rucksack folds away into its own pocket, his binoculars are the lightest weight and his map is waterproof – to help protect his little yellow head from the sun his hat is made from 40+ UPF fabric and his socks and undies are ultra quick drying. He doesn’t need anti Malaria tablets for this race however he is taking anti swan pills to keep him safe. He’s on a healthy diet of ‘Quacker’ oats and is currently practising uprighting himself when dunked.


Plain ducks not lucky enough to be wearing Rohan kit can be purchased for £2 in aid of the Shakespeare Hospice’s new Children and Young People’s services which supports children and young people facing bereavement or coping with life as a young carer, as well as providing respite care for those who have life limiting illnesses. Click here to purchase your duck.

Explorer ducks clothing is sponsored by Rohan and can be bought at the Stratford upon Avon store – sizes will vary from those shown

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    Good luck Explorer Duck!

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