Broadening Horizons with Outdoor Education

Gift-Your-Gear - Rohan September 2016

The latest post in our from the blogs series features a recent article by Dave Harvey Head of Residentials at Brathay and the Chair of the Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres caught our eye

Broadening horizons with outdoor education

“Look at that funny sheep!”

Dave asks the question:

Can stepping out of their comfort zone into the “outdoor classroom” help young people gain confidence and self belief…

We are really interested in this. Through our ongoing contact with Gift Your Gear groups we are learning about the  huge importance of getting our young people outdoors and the consequences of not facilitating this. We have learnt a great deal about the difficulties the groups at the coal face of this endeavour encounter. We hope we can do more to help the organisation like Brathay that are dedicated to improving the life chances of children and young people

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