From the blogs – The National Forest the first 25 years

The latest post in our from the blogs series features an article in The Guardian 
How millions of trees brought a broken landscape back to life

 The National Forest celebrates its first quarter century milestone.

The National Forest started 25 years ago. 200 square miles of new forest across the Midland. 8.5 million trees have been planted on once derelict sites. Farmers have been given grants to plant trees.
The National Forest, in partnership with local communities has created the 1st major forest to be established in England for a 1000 years. The local economy has been boosted by new businesses. Cycling walking horse riding are all now enjoyed on new footpaths and bridle ways in the forest.

National Forest Way

Check out the National Forest Way a  long distance walking trail explores the highlights of The National Forest, extending over 75 miles from the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire to Beacon Hill Country Park in Leicestershire.

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