New Arrivals Autumn 2016 – Stretch Bags

New Arrivals Rohantime

We always look forward to New Arrivals time, when new season goodies arrive in the Rohan Shops.

We will be featuring a selection of New Arrivals on Rohantime over the next few weeks.

No surprise that our first feature has to be Stretch Bags.

Rohan Bags have been in the Rohan Range continiously since 1979. We have tracked the price of them on Rohantime over all those years on the Bags Price index

The Bags Price Index – Iconic Rohan Bags

Stretch Bags arrived at the Rohan Shops a few days ago and initial comments have starting to come in. See below. 

Breaking News – From Rohan Woodbridge on Facebook

From Rohan

We’ve achieved what many thought impossible: we’ve designed what we think might be a more ‘active’ version of our classic Bags trousers.

We have stayed true to the original Bags design concept: protective, packable, mountain expedition leg wear, and kept all the same features: the pocket layout, an accessory D-ring, the side expansion panels for extra pocket capacity and comfort, and the reinforced knee and seat panels for durability Rohan Stretch Bags

From Sarah Howcroft Co founder Rohan

I did wonder how I would feel about Stretch Bags. We did experiments with stretch trousers way back even before Bags. Trotters where available in a super high stretch with very much the look of early Bags. The fabric however was much more like the Super Strider (Helena/Lycra) fabrics than Bags and as such they proved to be very expensive. Towards the end of the 1980’s we  started to experiment with adding various yarns to Airlight, Lyrca was one, Dunova and Nomex a couple more I remember. All a work in progress. The image below is borrowed from the Rohan Catalogue that covered a large part of the range from 1975 – 1981. It is now on the Rohantime Gallery

Rohan Trotters

First thought: at last, it’s a natural addition to the range. Let’s hope we will be tracking the price of Stretch Bags over as many years as Bags. More to come on Stretch Bags including 1st Review coming very soon.

Read more about Stretch Bags

Drop into a Rohan Shop and have a look, we would love to know your thoughts.

Rohan Heritage


  1. Karen Bradders says:

    Hi Ian

    Have to say the general feeling in store from customers has been all positive. We put them out on the shop floor Monday (2/8/16) and sold 3 pairs in the first day,all from customers who swear by the older style Bags.
    I’ve even managed to get my husband to try some, He loved them and he’s never really likes Bags!



    Rohan of Stow

  2. Dr. Ian Leitch says:

    Sorry, the stretch Bags are too narrow in the lower legs. My normal Bag, of which I have had many pairs over the years are great, fit well and are very comfortable. The stretch bags are great in the body but the tight lower legs make me look like an elephant on roller skates.

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