BMC name change to Climb Britain with Updates

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17/08/2016 BMC September Area Meetings: consultation on rebranding – read more

On the 25/07/2016  the BMC announced a proposed name change from The British Mountaineering Council to Climb Britain after 70 years

“After more than 70 years trading as the British Mountaineering Council, we’ve decided to move with the times and change name to Climb Britain and unite all our members under one ‘Climb’ banner…”read more

Updates in comments below.

BMC - Climb Britain

The BMC name change announcement was immediately followed by many questions and opinions. Not surprising in view of both the longevity of the BMC (70 years) and it’s dedicated membership.

Outdoor blogs reported many questions and feeling:

Why rebrand and lack of consultation figured very highly in comments. The choice of the Climb Britain words also figures highly. Some expressed the word ‘climb’ has a much smaller remit and is just not as versatile and well used in the world as Mountaineering.

All this has resulted in petition to pressure the BMC into cancelling the re-branding. Jonathan Spooner started this petition with a single signature, it has 302 supporters at the time of posting.

Stop the BMC from re-branding!

Yesterday a personal message from BMC CEO Dave Turnbull:

Climb Britain: a personal message from BMC CEO Dave Turnbull

I am sure this will have more developments over the next few days. We will keep you updated in the comments below. Please add your own

Updates in comments below



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  1. Rohantime says:

    It’s official: The BMC is here to stay no rebrand to Climb Britain.

  2. Rohantime says:

    BMC and Climb Britain: next steps
    A message from BMC president Rehan Siddiqui, outlining the rebranding consultation process which will be conducted over the coming months.

  3. Peter Clinch says:

    Looking in the Scottish Mountaineer mag that landed on my doormat over the weekend, we have “Climb Scotland” now but created particularly to encourage young people in climbing, as in using your hands too climbing (see

    Which is somewhat at odds with the BMC/CB idea that “climbing” means “hillwalking” just as much. I don’t think it does, it seems MCofS (sorry, “Mountaineering Scotland”) don’t either.

  4. Rohantime says:

    Hill walkers are encouraged to attend @Team_BMC area meetings to have a balanced debate on rebrand
    September Area Meetings: consultation on rebranding

  5. Rohantime says:

    Come along to your next BMC area meeting to have your say on the BMC rebranding. Each meeting will be attended by a member of the BMC’s Executive Committee who will explain the background to the rebranding proposal

  6. Rohantime says:

    Grough – BMC boss pleads with critics of new Climb Britain name: ‘give it time’

  7. Well as i`d never heard of them before, I guess I don`t really care, but if it was a decision taken without consulting the members, thats perhaps not good.

  8. Rohantime says:

    BMC to widen debate but still “remain firmly behind” rebrand

  9. Brian Downes says:

    Great Shame. Mountaineering England (& Wales) may have been better. Using the term climb can have negative connertations, and put people off mountain walking. Most hills and mountains in England and Wales and be walked not climbed.
    I am afraid that the rebrand just emphasises how ‘Climbcentric’ Climb England is.

  10. Rohantime says:

    Followed by
    BMC Walk Talk ‏@BMC_Walk 22h22 hours ago
    Can a walker climb? We think so, and so does Google: #ClimbBritain

  11. Rohantime says:

    Latest Tweet:
    MyOutdoors @MyOutdoors
    @Team_BMC @BMC_Walk One simple question….Is there a mechanism by which the rebrand can be reversed by the membership should they wish to?

  12. Rohantime says:

    Lots of conversation on this one on Twitter & Facebook search on #ClimbBritain
    Please add anything you find interesting on comments so we can all share

  13. Peter Clinch says:

    Sounds like a charity fundraising event.

    A few years ago the MC of S decided they’d be “Mountaineering Scotland”, but once this was declared the membership decided they preferred it as it was. However, coincident with the BMC “rebrand” MC of S is now changing itself to “Mountaineering Scotland”.
    Not as “Meh” as “Climb Britain”, but still meh…

  14. Rohantime says:

    What does Climb Britain mean for walkers? Carey Davies

  15. Rohantime says:

    Update from My Outdoors
    Hill walkers left out in the cold by BMC name change

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