Popular Rohantime Posts – July 2016

At the end of each month we list a small selection of some of the popular post and photos’s on Rohantime over the previous month. If you missed them this is another chance to catch up.

July was a The SALE month on Rohantime which is always a busy month that goes so quickly.

A very big thank you from us all for all the support. Its been great to meet up with everyone in the shops over the past month.



To All Our Lovely Friends and Customers…

Rohan Marlborough

Welcome to Rohan Marlborough Now Open

Rohan Originals - Rohan Keswick

Rohan Keswick – Rohan Originals Collection

Update: 542 Lakeland Hills, Fells and Mountains

Rohan Kingston South Coast Challange

Michelle at Rohan Kingston – South Coast Challenge

rohan clothing 1980

From the blogs: Why Doesn’t Anyone Climb in Knickers Anymore?

From the Rohantime archive:

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Quick link to all the Rohantime Stories published during July 2016 




Rohan Heritage

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