The road less travelled – Kodari

Text just received from Ed Douglas at The Last Resort

As HW Tilman once said, and Julian likes to quote him regularly, any fool can be uncomfortable. So my suggestion that we hole up just short of the Tibetan border at a rather swish tented lodge called The Last Resort complete with sauna and plunge pool, rather than the pestilential lodges at the border town of Kodari has scored me several expedition points.

This morning segued into lunch before we had the bus loaded so we took the chance for a last meal in Kathmandu. This was enlivened by the chance appearance of Oxford University geologist Mike Searle on the Himalaya just returned from looking at rocks near Everest. Mike gave us a lecture on the region which is overdue a major earthquake. When it happens Katmandu could be the next Haiti.

With this grim thought, we climbed aboard and fought our way through the Katmandu traffic and north into the mountains. It was a relief to get here in time to use the pool and have a g&t – tomorrow Tibet.

Ed Douglas –  en route to the Tibetan border next update 21th May all being well!

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