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Hello – when Sarah asked me to write a monthly ‘blog’ I agreed, but as I have never done this kind of thing before, Facebook, My Space and Twitter etc are all alien to me, please bear with me whilst I get my bearings.
Anyway I’m Ben Evans, co owner and Managing Director of Rohan Keswick – (which is a Franchise shop but operates exactly like a Rohan owned store). I have retailed and worn Rohan for the last 23 years and I may bore you with the history of Rohan in the Lake District in a future article.
Our year so far, touch wood is going really well.  Over the years more and more people are visiting Keswick either as a repeat visitor, or for the first time as Keswick has so much to offer everyone-but you know that anyway.
Maybe what you don’t know, that is happening between 13-17 May is the Keswick Mountain Festival. This is the third year this event has taken part is going from strength to strength and it really enhances why Keswick is called “The Outdoor Adventure Capital of Britain”. For five days there is a whole variety of activities from walking, biking, climbing and water sports plus evening lectures at the Theatre by the lake by Britain’s most inspiring and exciting adventurers. There will also be a Triathlon which double Olympic champion James Cracknell will be taking part in-he will also be the headline speaker at the Theatre on Saturday. For more info or to book events online. Also new to Keswick this year is the worlds first James Bond Museum. This is owned by Peter Nelson, who also has the world famous Cars of the Stars Museum in Keswick, so expect great things all 007 related.

Finally I am pleased to announce the Ospreys have returned from their 3000 mile journey from Africa. If you are in the area I highly recommend visiting the Osprey viewpoint at Dodd wood or if you can’t make it check out the live osprey nest webcam
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