From the blogs: Made in Hertfordshire

Rohan Customers often share with us what they are up to.

The new Rohan World Map illustrates this. Often it’s trips to near and far.

This time it’s something different a new venture….

Matt is a long standing Rohanist. His latest venture is charcoal production made in Hertfordshire.

“What do we want to achieve?

We want to produce charcoal from timber produced as the result of the woodland management operations we are carrying out in Hertfordshire and Essex woodlands.

To do this we need to raise funds for the purchase of a British designed and manufactured charcoal retort and grading machinery, so that we can produce and retail a quality British wood fuel product that is becoming very popular with leading chefs, restaurant owners and, of course, the British public and the BBQ”  – Matt

There is lots more info on Made in Hertfordshire Charcoal

Good Luck Matt

If you have a project you are trying to get off the ground tell us about it below.



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