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Mary Rose Co Founder Outdoor Gear Coach

We thought Rohantime readers will find a couple of new posts on Outdoor Gear Coach interesting. We interviewed Mary co-founder of Outdoor Gear Coach earlier in the year read more

The two posts below are part of the latest additions to Outdoor Gear Coach

Is Lightweight New?

So is lightweight new? When did people first get interested in ‘going lightweight’ whether for polar exploration, cycling, mountaineering, backpacking or adventure racing? It is not new, in fact it is over 100 years old  read more

10 Lightweight Breakthroughs

What 10 lightweight breakthroughs really made a difference? Lightweight is a state of mind, rather than a description of individual pieces of kit. Going lightweight is about taking less than you are mentally comfortable with and is about attitude and commitment to a physical challenge –whether polar exploration, cycling, mountaineering, backpacking or adventure racing. It is a philosophy as much as a technique and it is not new. Here are the 10 Lightweight Breakthroughs we identified for TRAIL in 2003  read more


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