Popular Rohantime Posts – May 2016

Rohan Keswick Team

At the end of each month we list a small selection of some of the popular post and photos’s on Rohantime over the previous month. If you missed them this is another chance to catch up.

Last month was a busy month on Rohantime we have added a quick link to all the Rohantime Stories for the month


Rohan at the Keswick Mountain Festival 2016

Next to Skin – The 1st ‘No Shrink. No Stink’ Bodywear

Dartmoor Ponies Help Teenagers Succeed at Ten Tors

Outdoor Gear Glossary

Rohan Guildford – Town Rangers Try Rohan

Declan at Rohan Kingston upon Thames – Brave the Shave

Hillary & Tenzing Reach Everest Summit 11:30am May 29th 1953

A selection of popular photo’s  

Julia Bradbury with Rohan Keswick Team

A good time was had by all at Keswick Mountain Festival.
Thanks to Rohan Keswick Facebook for the photo

Dartmoor Ponies Help Teenagers Succeed at Ten Tors

A lovely Rohan Gift Your Gear story – Fresh Tracks Ten Tors

Rohan May Magazine Online Now

We asked the question – What will you do with 18 hours of daylight?

Sheffield Environmental Movement - Gift Your Gear

Gift Your Gear – Where does your gear go.

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