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Terry Abraham

Look who came in to the shop to see us today!
Film maker Terry Abraham popped in to pick up some new gear to test out and (in his words) “look a bit ‘smarter’ for this week’s media frenzy on the fells”.
Terry has a new film coming out soon all about Blencathra and its life through a year. If you are unfamiliar with his work it is well worth a peek when it comes out and seeking out some of his earlier films. He captures stunning scenery, the characters that abound and some of the lesser known aspects of the mountains he has filmed.
Terry is doing a great job in the first picture modelling his new Trailblazers, a Frontier Shirt and one of my personal favourites an Elite Waterproof Jacket. – Christeen Rohan Keswick

Terry Abraham Rohan keswick


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