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1986 All Over Again? Return Of The ‘Bugaboo’ Jacket

“It was impossible to live through the 1980s and not be familiar with the Columbia Bugaboo. Shoot, even if you were born in the ’80s, you saw plenty of them in the ’90s.

Well, Columbia Sportswear is bringing back that magical era by relaunching the Bugaboo 1986 jacket. The original jacket was bought by more than 5 million people and this will be an exact replica. – Read more

“the jacket was the first “3-in-1” design to successfully hit the U.S. market”

Whilst this didn’t make it big in the UK. The cost may of had something do with that selling, for $90 (about $270 in 2016 currency! The style did migrate into outdoor wear.

Can anyone remember any examples?

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