Vintage Rohan Fleece Still Doing it’s Job

This tweet caught our eye:


Peter Savin

Peter then sent us the story…

When you just think winter has passed and the winter fleece jacket can hibernate in the wardrobe again a timely reminder always appears without warning. Fresh snow on the fells once again but a clear sky, perfect day.
Moor Divock on Lakelands eastern edge is the place to soak up the past and before the bracken grows and devours the fell side I donned my Rohan fleece to photograph the Stone circles and burial cairns including the Cockpit stone circle. The Romans later ran their high street road along side it a few thousand years after it was built. Photography can take time so I was glad of a bit of decent gear to keep the biting winds at bay.

Photo by Peter Savin

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Rohan Heritage

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  1. Peter Clinch says:

    My ME Thermofleece jacket is relegated to gardening and outdoor DIY these days, but having bought it in 1985 it’s had its share of epics.

    It dates to when stretch-knit cuffs and hems were normal, and those aren’t original: my mum put new ones on a few years in to its life, and she also replaced the main zip when that died. The one in there now was originally the zip from my Rohan waterproof cycling jacket that died when I shoulder-barged some tarmac at speed in the late 90s When stuff does go in to the bin I’ll usually strip useful bits for future repairs, and very glad I’d thought to keep that zip!

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