Simon hates heights

” Guildford Cathedral is 160ft high! The recurring nightmares have begun.”

My name is Simon Cook and I have worked at the Rohan Guildford since February 2009.

I am taking part in a charity abseiling event off the top of Guildford Cathedral on the 5th of June and I would like to raise as much money for the cause as I possibly can.

The charity is called Surrey Crossroads Care who are the leading provider of support for carers in the county and their aim is to give carers some precious time for themselves by providing them with regular breaks from their caring responsibilities. They treat each person who is cared for as an individual, and try to identify activities that they can enjoy. This ranges from taking an elderly person with Alzheimer’s on a walk to see the swans or taking an autistic teenager rock-climbing.

I broadcast a weekly radio show on Sunday nights on GU2 Radio and managed to get the head organiser to come on and talk about the event and the cause. To begin with it was more about spreading the word rather taking part in the event, mainly because I am terrified of heights. But after hearing about what they do it really made me think about my own personal experience with similar situations and I had to take a bigger part in it.

There are 10% off vouchers for Rohan Guildford in the goodie bags of those who complete the abseil. I am also going to put Rohan Clothes to the test by wearing Travel Jeans, T-Plus and a Microgrid.

I have set up a Just Giving account to make donating easier. So far I have raised over £100 from friends, work colleagues and family but I won’t stop my fund raising until the day itself.

Thanks for reading.


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