Countryfile Sheep herding down Sheep Street


News from Rohan Stratford Upon Avon –  We had the Countryfile Sheep herding down Sheep Street on Tuesday and the town gathered to help celebrate the history of the importance of Sheep to the area throughout the ages, and remember when Stratford was a market town with a livestock market right in the centre

Adam Henson Countryfile in Sheep St, Stratford upon Avon

The event started well with Adam Henson, who has a farm nearby in the Cotswolds, arriving with one of his own sheep dogs, Adam is a well known face from Countryfile but fame hasn’t gone to the farmers head, mucking in with the crew he was carrying kit and helping to set up the event whilst crowds were pressing in for photos and the chance to have their photo taken with him. His good humour continued even when a sound man publicly interfered with his clothing to attach the microphone – with very cold hands!


Wary ewes huddled together keeping a close eye on the crowd – particularly when they were stopped outside ‘Lambs’ restaurant to meet the towns Mayoress Tessa Bates, it was at this point the sheep did their first bunk with most of them running down toward the Shakespeare gardens, however one of them fancied the clothing in a near by shop and the crew along with passers by herded them back to the street to continue filming

Adam Henson Countryfile in Sheep St, Stratford upon Avon

Much fun was had by all and the sheep had a final run around by the river before being penned up ready for the journey home

Sheep - Sheep St, Stratford upon Avon

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  1. Adam filmed here in Rohan Stow a couple of years ago in our Sheep Street.
    He pops into Stow on the Wold frequently, such a nice guy.
    Plus he wears Rohan!

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